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Custom Maps / Re: [Campaign][WIP] Diablo 1: Hammerwatch Editor
« on: October 20, 2013, 09:01:35 PM »
Mordaxx: this custom map isn't fake. sorry XD

Oh, sweet. Sorry for doubting :)

Custom Maps / Re: [Campaign][WIP] Diablo 1: Hammerwatch Editor
« on: October 12, 2013, 11:10:07 PM »
I kinda get the feeling that this Custom Map is fake.. since there isn't any pictures after such a long time nor a download.. have someone been invited to try it? o.O

Hammerwatch Discussion / Re: Hammerwatch fan art / Wallpaper :)
« on: October 02, 2013, 09:53:42 AM »
My new wallpaper!

I'm flattered :D

Is there anything you can see right now that I can change / make better? (Except for the things listed)
There is nothing I can't do with it really, so I just wan't to improve it more but I have looked at it for too long x)

Hammerwatch Discussion / Hammerwatch fan art / Wallpaper :)
« on: September 27, 2013, 11:02:04 AM »
1920 x 1200

Hammerwatch HD wallpaper / Fan Art

Started to work on this for like 1 hour ago, I'm not done so there are some things to be improved.
(Shading+brightness/contrast tweaks mostly, but will also completely remake the hand+sword, will add the golden armor on the shoulders, and the fog around the castle will go)

Link to deviantart:
*If you're a member on DA, please comment/fav ^^

I was gonna add the painting directly in here, but it's huge so I changed my mind. :3

I'm not really a big fan of Pewdiepie, but to be objective he would be perfect for this.

1. He loves fast action hack and slash games. (And indie games is kinda his thing)
2. He is the most subscribed and thus gets the most views.
3. He is Swedish aswell, and Pewdiepie fans always love Swedish games.
4. He plays anything he is sent and enjoys it/gives it a fair review while also making it look really fun.

I think TS is right, it would be a very good way to get more attention ^^

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