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Hammerwatch Discussion / Re: 8 Player in the future?
« on: March 25, 2014, 04:19:52 PM »
Sounds awesome imo. I kinda wish just multiplayer would work for me. Had the game nearly a week and have been unable to join a single game.

Then if you map the controls to the keyboard and use xpadder to control the keyboard I believe it wouldn't have issues working that way. In a bit Ill test it myself and let ya know what happens.

Any idea on how to fix the issues with connecting to other players?

You wouldn't need to map the entire controller... Just your attack key. You can leave the rest of the controls untouched so you can use the controller as normal. With bonus auto-fire on the attack button.

I found it a little bit earlier. Thank you though ^^.
Right now I'm finding it pretty much impossible to play co-op. No games show ping and refuse to let me connect. I've found a few people on Steam and I can't seem to play a game with them as we are all unable to join each others hosted games.

I'd also appreciate an autofire function. AutoHotKey doesn't work with controllers or joysticks

You could use a game pad and xPadder to map your gamepad to keyboard functions and use xPadders auto fire and toggle ability's. Worked great for Maplestory and other games I had played using the game pad.

I've been unable to connect to friends games as well. The games ping for both mine and their game shows as "?" and we can't connect to each other. I've looked at other games in the browse game menu and I see 80%+ games have no ping and just a few have ping. I can't connect to a single game without showing ping. I've port forwarded 9995, completely disabled both my windows and router's firewall. Nothing seems to help.

I have another question if you happen to still be around. I was bought this game as a gift from my sister. I had a link where it gave me a product key for the game. But when I downloaded it I didn't need to enter a key anywhere. Was that for steam or something else?

Oh lol. I've never used them before.

I'm guessing that is a no. Lolz. 15-ish people looked, no comment. *sigh*

Hammerwatch Discussion / New to the game, looking for people to co-op.
« on: March 19, 2014, 08:02:47 PM »
I had been watching the game since I seen a preview of it. I love dungeon crawler gauntlet/diablo styled games. I could easily just grind this out solo but I rather play with people if I can. Does anyone wish to either invite me into a group or help me make one for a run? If possible using skype or something for voice would be awesome.

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