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Bug Reports / Spots lacking terrain collision [Original campaign]
« on: April 05, 2015, 10:34:31 AM »
During a hardmode of the original campaign me and a few other ran across some spots in the terrain which lacked collision blocking. Pretty minor and not abusable mind you, but here they are anyway.

Screenshots below:
Floor 5 spot pic:
Floor 5 map pic:

Floor 9 spot pic:
Floor 9 map pic:

Floor 11 spot pic:
Floor 11 map pic:

Well, this certainly sounds interesting, having liked both the Serious Sam series and Hammerwatch. Looking forward to it :)

Hammerwatch Discussion / Re: this is total crap! Planks!!!!
« on: September 23, 2014, 05:11:06 PM »
Uhh, the ending with the planks isn't something you should bother loosing sleep over. While I can understand wanting to know how many planks you've already got and such, the whole point with the planks is being hard to find. Heck, why have an achievement if you can just turn on a crutch to give you all of them regardless?

But as I said, the ending doesn't really add any amazing gameplay wise, so don't worry. Otherwise, touch wood ;)

Custom Maps / Re: [RELEASED] - Ravenwatch - Act 1 BETA - 0.17
« on: July 09, 2014, 06:03:22 PM »
Currently, ravens are not fun imo. They don't even feel challenging, they feel cheap. Now this is a big problem considering the campaign basically revolves around this enemy type. Ravens should be "fun" to kill. That doesn't mean that they shouldn't be challenging at times, because challenges are often fun, but it does mean that they shouldn't be frustrating to kill. You don't want the player to be thinking, "Holy shit if another raven pops out from behind a tree I'm going to asdhfoasuidvhals..."

Here's my suggestion:
1. Don't hide ravens behind things often. The last version I played all the way through was plagued by ambush after ambush. I started dreading whenever I had to move forward because there were always hidden ravens in every other tree.
Personally I actually loved the way ravens are. A small, fast mob killed in 1 hit, yet attacking fast enough and in flocks from places I didn't expect made a simple mob challenging and, quite frankly, somewhat intimidating (in a good way) at times. Opinions, I suppose, but I loved them.

Way better than the campaigns bats, at least...

2. Visually design things for visually challenged people. What I mean is, make things obvious. If an enemy is fast-moving, you can't also make them very small and a drab color. The visually challenged player won't see it. "But I'm not making an experience for blind people", you may think. But your players are, at times, effectively blind. When you've got crazy weather effects, and animations going off, the priests fucking God beam, numbers popping up, and noises are happening, you can't see the single raven right behind you. Then the player finally notices the thing after it's knocked off 10 points of health and they become frustrated because they just couldn't see it.
Again, I liked them hiding around and ambushing the player. Their eyes are red so they aren't that difficult to spot in my opinion.

Hey, just finished playing Ravenwatch up until the 5th black candle (I died :P). I'd dare say this is the best Hammerwatch map I've player so far, even beating the campaign itself.
Figured I'd give some feedback and play the rest through later at a better time.

First, I found some graphical glitches. I've compiled the ones I noticed in no particular order at this album here EDIT: apparently you just fixed a bunch of these. I'll remove the obsolete ones on my next playthrough. I've circled or drawn arrows pointing at the bugs. Sorry for the poor map visibility, couldn't figure out a good way to show it.

Found 3 other bugs as well:
1. In the village, the houses don't show up on the map (don't know if intentional).
2. Paladin (and maybe others too) can buy the chance to play the archery minigame, even though they lack a ranged attack.
3. When the shooting skulls with just their spines attached rise from a sarcophagus, they are layered (correct word?) under it. This partially hides them from view.

I've got a few suggestions as well that might be good additions.
1. Add signs on the shop walls in the village. Easier for first timers to find their class house. Or maybe make a doodad that only shows the sign on the map.

\/ !!! SPOILERS from here on !!! \/
2. In the crypts after the Grim reaper boss, there is a room in which there are 4 copper doors with keys hidden inside a lot of sarcophagi. You need to look for a silver key inside one of them.
   Right now you need to use only 1 key since there is no fog of war hiding the contents of the room (silver key room is visible).
   Hiding the contents of the room until opening would force the players to guess instead of just going straight for the important one.

3. Maybe reduce the damage on the timed grabbing hands in the 5th black candle map (at the vendor coin + silver key spot). 14 damage ticking quickly combined with a strong slow and a very short time window for moving cost many lives even on a paladin.

4. !!!IMPORTANT!!!
Reduce/limit the amount of crows spawning at the 5th black candle. The amount made my PC, which is not all that old, lag badly enough to be unable to hit, resulting in death.
Also, are these suppose to spawn infinitely? I sat in a corner for a while but they just kept on coming and the lag kept getting worse.

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