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Editor Discussion / Ebbing Clarity now up for hire!
« on: September 08, 2013, 01:05:04 AM »
Hello fellow dungeon crawlers! Ebbing Clarity's back and here to say a few things for future maps and map developers. I am now up for hire. What does that mean you say? Well basically I like playing custom maps and am actively play-testing people's maps and was offering them my opinion in a sort of review form post. So I am now ready to be hired for free!

Just send me your maps either in this thread or by PM if you want the map file to be secret (I will not release any beta-map without permission) and will provide in-depth feedback on the map, look for bugs and will mainly play as a Ranger, unless I am told to play as a certain class. When sending your maps do send me your form.

Not only am I ready for play-testing I am also up for modding for your map as long as credit is given and whether the custom request is actually reasonable or not. I will provide a form below for hiring me as a modder (obviously free of charge) and please don't give me some troll request like make a mob and then suddenly be like "oh wait, actually I don't need it."

Play-Testing Form
Map Name:

Is this a survival map, campaign or is it something else? (do clarify what it is):

Is there a specific level or area you would like tested or have me pay more attention to?

Map file or link:
Mod Request Form
Type of mod (Mob, Behaviour, Boss, etc.):

What is the mod?

Any special requests?

Mod deadline:

Where and what will this be used for?

Hammerwatch Discussion / Suggestion and question about modding
« on: September 07, 2013, 10:03:24 PM »
Hello there Hammerwatch community and staff! I have a suggestion for you all and a question for those who know the answer.

Suggestion: Make a modding section of the forum with a couple of subforums like Mod Releases, Dev Logs or Mods in progress and Modding Questions section.

Question: How do I repack the assets folder I had extracted? I need so I can make my mod work.

Hammerwatch Discussion / Question about decompiling and locating core files
« on: September 06, 2013, 12:49:53 AM »
So I have decompiled the dlls and I'm having a hard time locate the core files of the game and all the mobs. Could I get a little bit of insight on where they're located or if I shouldn't be going in the dlls and rather you have me completely unpack the game somehow. This is my first time modding a game like this so bare with me, Hipshot, Linaru and Myran.

Custom Maps / The Gauntlet
« on: September 03, 2013, 12:08:04 AM »
Hey there fellow HammerWatchers (Cut that...) I recently made a new simple map idea for a dungeon that consists of a certain number of rooms to explore and the real challenge is to actually beat the map, but try to finish quickly.

There are no shops, no upgrades, no lives and I challenge you all to beat the map in under 10 minutes.

This map was play tested by yours truly and when playing the map, please post your time here and I will keep a leader board with all the times.

The Gauntlet Leaderboard
1. Clarity - 23:45

Hey there mods, admins and fellow players! I'm Clarity and I currently study C# on my own, kind of self-taught so far and I'm really interested in this game and possibly modding it. I'd like to know a few things before I go further.

1. Is modding okay for me to do, or perhaps do you prefer the community rather not tamper.

2. What language might the game have been programmed in? (I'll work on learning the language, out of pure love for the game.

3. Is there a chance for community created content to make it into the official game if proven worthy?

Thanks in advance!

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