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If this has been posted this before, please forgive me. I searched the forums for "revivial" and "ankh" and found nothing related.

I did find this post on the steam forums, but I assume the developers don't really use this much. OP's message goes on into other mechanics, and he muddles his point, but I agree that there is a fundamental problem: ankhs revive players in acending index order instead of last death.

Normally, I would consider this change a QoL feature, but I really feel that this is actually so detrimental to the game, it is a bug. I played this game for two hours with my friends last night, and I can tell you I really felt awful being player one: after we ran out of ankhs, they never came back to life. I was slightly better at the game than player three and four, and ended up using every ankh for myself, dragging the game on. It got to the point where I just wanted to stop playing, and trade to player four.

As a personal aside, I have always enjoyed hammerwatch, and I am so happy that you ported it to the switch. I am waiting for my friend from Austria to visit before I purchase Heroes of Hammerwatch, but I am very excited about the proposition!

As I am a developer, I will provide a full bug report for your convienence:


Latest version of Hammerwatch on the Nintendo Switch as of 2018-05-08 (If someone can identify version, that'd be amazing)


1) Enter the game with four players and no ankhs.
2) Let player three die.
3) Let player two die.
4) Let player one die.
5) Pick up three ankhs

Expected Result:

Players are revived in this order: player three, player two, player one

Actual Result:

Players are revived in this order: player one, player two, player three

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