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Bug Reports / [PS4] "Not Alone" Trophy Bug
« on: January 18, 2021, 04:22:45 PM »
My friend and me bought Hammerwatch just shortly for PS4 and yesterday we wanted to play it. The game looks really amazing, but as we are also looking out for trophies, the fun ended very early, when the very first Multiplayer Trophy "Not alone" did not pop. The trophy simply says "Start a Multiplayer Game".

Another problem is, that it doesn't show the 2nd Players name from the account, but just "Player Two", which is not so tragic, but also not so nice and there is no option to rename characters, isn't it? At least I couldn't find something about it.

What we did:

We started our PS4, logged a second controller in and started the game. We started a new game and both of us chose their characters in the character selection menue. He used a hunter, me a priest. Then we started the game in Hammerwatch Mode... waited... no trophy. We also tried Survival Mode, no change.

We even read in a guide for this trophy and tried what they told. We deleted our save game, closed the game and I turned off my controller. Then we started the game again and I turned the controller on right during the character selection, started the game... no trophy. I as 2nd player even tried to join after starting the game... also no trophy.

The trophy shall be obtainable offline, but we thought... maybe the game doesn't check that there is a 2nd player because network options are off? So we turned it on, bc we usually are not conntected, but no change.

Basic Information:
  • We use a PS4 Slim
  • The Game is on Patch Version 1.2
  • We bought it in german PSN Store

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