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Hammerwatch Discussion / New Class Ideas
« on: July 10, 2014, 12:11:44 AM »
I actually had these classes posted in a different thread but I wanted to revise them and fix 'em up. The classes are the Bard, Spell Sword, and Gladiator. For the purpose of saving space I will be using this symbol (*) to represent the word Upgrade.

The Bard
This class is meant to be a sort of all-rounder like the beloved red mage of the final fantasy series, and has a skill for each general "role."

HP and MP both start at about 40
Low Base Attack Speed (same as Wizard)
Note: All of the bard's songs have a 2 second cast time.
Up: Harp (Medium Range)  *1: Damage  *2: attack Speed +20/40/60/80/100%
Left: The bard plays a song on his harp to increase attack damage for a duration  *1: Duration  *2: Radius
Right: The bard plays a song on his instrument that gives HP regen for a duration *1: Duration *2: Regen Rate
Down: The bard plays a song of storms, releasing a tornado to randomly move around the battlefield. damaging enemies. *1: Damage *2: Duration
Passive 1: Cheerful: Grants bonus movement speed to himself and allies in a radius of 6       Move Speed +0.05/0.1/0.15
Passive 2: Instrumentalist: Reduces the cast time of the Bard's songs    Cast Time -0.5/1/1.5 seconds

The Spell Sword
This class is meant to be able to cast spells and enchant his allies weapons with different effects. This class has also already been called "the greatest thing ever" because elementally enchanted weapons are really cool.
HP: 75 MP: 40

Up: Sword  *1: Damage  *2: Chance to steal 1 mana on hit 1/2/3/4/5%
Left: Fire Enchantment: The spell sword enchants all allies's weapons with fire, applying a combustion effect to their regular attacks for 15 seconds  *1 Combust Damage (3) +3/6/9/12  *2 Combust Duration (2) +1/2/3/4
Right: Ice Enchantment: The spell sword enchants all allies's weapons with ice, applying a slowing effect to their regular attacks for 15 seconds  *1 Slow Duration (3) +1/2/3/4  *2 Movement Slow (30%) +10/20/30/40%
Down: Discharge: The spell sword plunges its sword into the ground, and lightning surges through it (similar effect to when some bosses shoot streaks of blood, just with lightning)  *1 Damage  *2 Lightning Streaks (3) +1/2/3/4
Passive 1: Spell Specialist: Decreases mana cost for the spell sword's spells by 15/30/45%
Passive 2: Arcane Euphoria: For 5 seconds after casting a spell, the spell sword gains 1/2/3 HP regen

The Gladiator
This class is of course melee, but I may have come up with a way to prevent him from being too OP. This class is a double-edged sword, meaning that its abilities do damage to itself at the same time as doing damage to enemies. This could be an awful idea, but it seems like it would be an interesting and difficult challenge for those who like to play solo runs of the game.

HP: 120
MP: 20

Up: Axes  *1: Damage  *2 Speed Penalty
Left: Double-Edged Slash: Deals massive damage in a regular attack while also dealing 10% damage to the gladiator.
*1 Damage (100) 150/200/250/300  *2 Arc (60) 90/120/150/180
Right: Rage: Cloaks the gladiator in fire, damaging enemies in an area around it while also losing 3 HP per second. No mana cost.
*1 DPS (15) 20/25/30/35  *2 Range (2) 3/4/5/6
Down: Ax Throw: Throws an ax out in each direction, dealing damage to all enemies they hit, and damaging the gladiator for 20%.
*1 Damage (100) 150/200/250/300  *2 Mana cost (50) 40/30/20/10
Passive 1: Bloodlust: Each time the gladiator kills an enemy it gains bonus movement speed for 2 seconds. Speed +0.1/0.2/0.3
Passive 2: Thick Skin: Gives a chance to halve incoming damage to the barbarian. Chance 10/20/30%

I'm still not sure about the layout of the gladiator, or if he is even balanced, but I think he would be pretty cool. Other than that, these are my suggestions, and I hope that you like them.

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