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Hammerwatch Discussion / A bit of an idea to get this game more attention.
« on: September 04, 2013, 02:50:06 AM »
Now, this isn't quite popular yet. We've got a rather small community and all that. Now, I believe that this game needs to have a LOT more patches and whatnot before you should actually do this.

This is just an idea I want to put out, for consideration in the future!

Maybe after the game is more developed, you could hand a copy of the game to a popular YouTuber to play for themself? I've seen this done a couple times where a YouTuber got a game from a developer to play, and it ended up getting a LOT more attention. I said this in a comment to someone, and I'll say it again here, but in a bit of a different way.

YouTuber → Introduces gamers to game!
Gamers →  Buy game with money!
Money →  Funding for the game developers!
Gamers →  Also include a LOT of possible modders!
Modders → Community development and more game content!
Game Content → More gameplay and longer lasting fun!

Just an idea! I'm sure a YouTuber wouldn't mind making a lets play of the game if they enjoyed it. But I also think this should be done in the near future once you've added like, the finishing touches and stuff!

Enemies are seriously repetitive in this game. I mean, they look different, yeah, but really the system for attacking is the same for all of them. The melee enemies just walk close to you, and the ranged enemies just spam from a distance, and it's almost always like that. There are only some enemies that do something different, like the mages who teleport. But is that all we can really offer? The game is getting boring, and a bit too easy! Especially at the end!

We need enemies that can do some DoT or AoE.
Adding status effects would be a HUGE plus. It'll make the game a ton harder, as long as it's
not annoyingly OP. Think of the game Realm of the Mad God. It's similar to this game in a way, but I spend LOADS of time playing that game instead of Hammerwatch. It's a lot more intense, but that's in its own way. Yes, I know this game is supposed to be a rollback of the old gauntlet games, but we can't just stick to that! We already have status effects for the enemies, so why not the players? For example, during the third dungeon there are fire traps on the floor. But no one really cares about them because you could EASILY walk past them and just tank a bit of damage. Then, the paladin could just heal. If those fires caused a BURN status effect, which would (or SHOULD) be deadly, people would be more weary about traps.

-New Enemies-
Tank [like enemy] - Can knock back players who get to close, stunning them temporarily. Also has a bit of a "stomp" move, which creates temporary cracks on the ground that slows enemies for a short time. Could be used as a mini boss.

Bombers, Type 1 (Suicide): This enemy will charge at you and deal heavy damage to any player caught in its blast radius. The enemy will move at a reasonable speed, and will have a short detonation time. If a Paladin is not careful and acts foolishly, it could mean his demise. Or at least a serious injury. A Wizard who refuses to keep his distance may be blown to bits at full HP.

Bombers, Type 2 (Mines): This enemy places mines (like objects) around the battlefield. These mines can't be spotted easily, and blend with the ground, especially in a crowded area. This prevents players from completely running past enemies and trying to dodge everything.

Blaze Runners: These enemies have a swirling fire that rotates around them for a short time. The fires rotate ON the enemy, meaning the only way to get hit by them is walking too close. The fires do NOT hover around the enemy, but are on the enemy itself. When the fires are on, they have increased movement speed and will 25% less damage from projectiles. The swirling fire does constant damage towards any player who gets close, and causes a small "burn" effect depending on what tier the enemy is. When the fire is off, the enemy takes normal damage and a slower movement speed.

Thieves: These enemies have low HP, but have a cloak that keeps them "hidden" for a short time. They have *very* fast speed (also depending on the tier of enemy) and can deal the poison status effect depending on the tier of the enemy. When thieves persue and enemy, a "poof" cloud can be seen and they will charge at the player. Once a player is hit, they lose a certain percentage of their money. The thief starts to run away, holding a bag of money, and has reduced speed (No reduced speed if its a high tiered enemy). Killing them will drop a bag of gold which will drop the bag of money. If the bag is picked up by the player who lost the money, he will regain his gold, and only he will get gold. If another player picks up the bag, he will take the money for himself. Thieves will also try to pick up money scattered on the floor.

Dopplegangers: These enemies look like "evil" versions of the main characters. They can do everything a normal player can, depending on the tier. This can include passives like the Paladins stunning ability, depending on tier of the enemy. This could be a boss where you have to fight a doppleganger of your character. Meaning, if you play Paladin, you face a paladin. If you and a friend are playing Paladin and Wizard, you must face a Paladin and Wizard doppleganger. If there are two paladin players, there will also be two paladin dopplegangers.

Black Mages: This enemy can cast his own special "dark" type spells. They are very weak, but can deal a lot of damage. If you are hit by certain spell, your mana will "freeze" for a moment and you wont be able to use any mana moves for a short time. In a serious situation, this could be life or death.

-Nerfs and some revisions on classes-
Paladins "Holy Storm" should have slight knockback, allowing to charge at enemies without having to worry about taking too much damage.
Paladins "Healing" move should only heal teammates that are CLOSE to him, not an infinite range.
Burn should spread among enemies (Unless it already does) for Wizard.
Paladins stun ability should also knock enemies back, allowing the player to more clearly
see the effects of the stun.
Rangers bombs should be able to instantly break cracks on the walls (unless they already do).
Wizards "Meteor Shower" move should have meteors in a more randomized fashion, to look more

-Class Ideas-
This includes just random fun class ideas to serious ones.

Necromancer -
Attack: Shoots a long ranged black beam. Can attack ALMOST as far as ranger, but can only damage one enemy (no piercing) and has a slower attack rate. Damage is not decreased as distance increases.
Skill 1: Can spawn two melee skeletons, and strength in tier when upgraded. Skeletons follow the necromancer, but will mindlessly charge at enemies. Skeletons share a similar color based on the color of the necromancer.
Skill 2: Can plant a blood bomb that can leach HP depending on damage.
Skill 3: Hyponitize. A wavelike thing comes out of the Necromancer (similar to the move Warlock has to heal), that turns enemies into friendly teammates. The enemies have a little "tornado" above their head to symbolize their confusion, and will self destruct after a certain about of time has passed.

Engineer (From TF2?!) -
Attack: Melee with a tool. Lower attack rate, but higher damage. No ark. Can "repair" builds, and increase duration of a build of hit constantly.
Skill 1: Spawns a turret. Can be upgraded to increase fire rate or damage. High damage upgrade will cause the turret to "level up". Max level will give the turret rockets. Turrets have only a short duration of being up (a couple seconds). This can also be upgraded.
Skill 2: Creates a block that acts as a wall. The block can only be up for a short time, but has a lot of HP. You cannot attack past blocks, as they act just like walls. You can upgrade blocks with their duration of being up, or their HP.
Skill 3: Spawn a healing station (or a dispenser I should say). The healing station is very fragile, and slowly heals HP. It costs a lot of mana and needs to be upgraded to be more effective. It can be used as a decoy if necessary, but isn't recommended as it can easily be destroyed.

Bonus Thing: The Mana bar is reskinned to look like a "Metal" bar. This is purely cosmetic.

Ninja -
Attack: Has a katana. Lunges forward a bit when attacking, and has a small chance of dealing knockback. Decent attack rate. No ark.
Skill 1: Throws a Ninja star. It has limited range, only a bit farther than the mages default. However, the ninja stars will go past enemies. It has no splash damage.
Skill 2: Decoy. Creates a "dummy" which enemies will target for a short time. The dummy is invincible, but will only last for a short time. You obtain a small movement speed bonus when the dummy is alive, but will go away if you take damage. Duration can be upgraded.
Skill 3: Creates a shadow clone of himself. The clone will last about 30 seconds default, and will mindlessly attack enemies. The clone is invincible, and will stay until the duration runs out. He has upgraded speed by default. The clone will also randomly spew out shurikens. Shurikens look like "shadow shurikens". Enemies will not target the clone.

Well, these are all my ideas. I hope these are looked into! I really put a lot of thought into this stuff. What do YOU guys think?

Note: I'm also posting this in the Steam forum discussions for this game!

Hammerwatch Discussion / Suggestions and Stuff!
« on: August 19, 2013, 12:50:53 AM »
I don't expect it any time soon, but I'd LOVE to see this game ported onto the IOS and Android, and if possible, the PSVita (the joysticks on the PSVita would make this game awesome to play!).
If not a full port, then a smaller version of the game would be awesome! This is a game I'd love to play on the go.

Also, what about other types of game modes that are more competitive?
Like versus mode on L4D, you can have another 4 players playing as some "Special" enemy or something?

Or the other 4 players set up some traps as "ghosts" while the other 4 try to complete the campaign?

Some sort of Team PVP or something?

A simple "Time Attack" mode where you can kind of try to beat it as fast as you can, and some leaderboards to go with it?

Skins for the 4 Characters? Example: Ranger would be some army person with a gun, and the bomb is C4 or somethin' and the arrows are more of bullets, maybe a cage or
something for the
The Wizard could be a Pyro with a Flare Gun from like TF2, although I'm not sure how reskinning the ice move would work, although it doesn't exactly have to be and ice move.
The Wizard could also just be changed into a different type of Wizard, like with the Wizard hats like Gandalf or something.
Paladin could turn into a King, Barbarian, etc.

I dunno, these are just ideas.

Also, for those who don't have a controller, if you have an iPhone or something you could get the app Joypad Legacy, and get the program on your computer too and use
your iPhone as a controller for the game. Just a atip!

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