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Resources / [ASK] Elf sprites
« on: February 24, 2014, 08:45:25 PM »
Hello everyone :)

So, Eternahl is maybe about quiting my team working about Requiem of Hammerwatch, and I will probably work alone then. In fact, he was the only one who was able to make custom graphics. So i'm starting to search a SERIOUS worker to continue Requiem of Hammerwatch with me, and I need a graphical help.

So, if someone is interested, i searching a custom sprite of elves, starting from those sprites :

And if you want to continue (and if you do a great work), you could join the team, helping to made this campaign even better.

I don't want to spoil even more the story here, so, thanks for (maybe) your help :3

Editor Discussion / Set a respawn point
« on: August 30, 2013, 12:50:59 PM »

I'm searching since lot of hours, but i can't find a solution. I want to set a respawn point on a map, without players have to see it before. Is it possible ?

For more explanations, i want to create an event, and if someone die, instead of respawn at the begining of the map, i want to respawn him in a cimetary, and the player have to wait all players to die, or one survivor finish the map. If everyone die, i reset the event, and if at least one survivor past the event, they can continue. With that, i could save lot of lives, and keep the Role Play.

Bug Reports / Respawn player
« on: August 29, 2013, 07:28:22 PM »

i have a little problem, and i think it's a bug of the editor. I'm trying to use the RespawnPlayer script, but i still respawning on the StartLevel. Is it a bug, or am i doing something wrong ?


Finally, after some hours of work, we decided to release our custom map.
Named Requiem of Hammerwatch (can be change in the future), you'll play as a hero, or a group of heroes who want to collect 3 orbs. Those orbs are essences of human qualities, but are lost since thousands years... Wars, murders, felony, humans are really corrupted, and you have to solve this, bring the peace on the world.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
(Thanks to Bman255 for this great video ! )

Features :
3 dungeons
2 scripted bosses
1 village
1 world-map
Custom musics (Zelda, Golden Sun... And some other ;) )
english language
Inn system

Coming soon :
More dungeons
More bosses
More villages
French translation
Travelling system (boat, fly, etc...)
Much more

The map is quite hard, 2 players are recomanded.

Actually, we have to stay focus on our studies, but we want to continue this project. We really enjoy to create a such campaign for you, and your entertainment, so don't worry, even if new versions will be appear less frequently, we still working on it !
We're open to all ideas, propositions and critics.
Don't hesitate to report bugs !
You can also follow me on Twitter !

Alpha 0.8.5 : Download

Thanks for reading, and maybe testing :)
This custom is made by me (Xeronkar) and Eternahl.
We'll do our best to keep this campaign up-to-date, and add more and more features ;)

Incoming patchnote :

?/03 : Alpha 0.9 :

- New 3rd dungeon. It actually doesn't fit with our vision of our campaign, and is not fun to play. 10%
- More levels in the arena 0%
- Adding some story line 10%
- New boss 10%
- New town (maybe) 0%

Patchnotes :

22/02 : Alpha 0.8.5 :

- Hotfix to solve a random script problem in the 2nd dungeon
- Some script improvements

21/02 : Alpha 0.8.4 :

- New music in the sanctuary (Credits to : Cain H. for this wonderfull music)
- Some improvements in the 1st dungeon

21/02 : Alpha 0.8.3 :

- Some improvements in the town (NPC's and some textures)
- New level design for the first dungeon (ennemies are no longer stuck in breakables)
- Some modifications in the 2nd dungeon (new traps before the boss and some indications about rune activation's process)
- New Sound Track for the 2nd boss
- Overall english corrections (Thanks a lot to Bman255)
- World map extended
- The first dungeon have a new location

25/01 : Alpha 0.8.2 :
- Fixed the trap bug in the arena, you can now escape after cleaning 3 waves
- Added some rewards for cleaning the arena ;)

03/01 : Alpha 0.8.1 :
- NPC have some speech bubbles (not all of them for the moment)
- Solved graphical bugs
- Totaly new arena system. Please give us more feed back as possible about it !

31/08 : Alpha 0.8 :
- Stanog village : Adding NPCs, new secret area, arena, new shop area system
- Arena : You can now try the first floor of the arena system. Still very soft, but will be improve later
- 3rd dungeon : Adding a new dungeon (only first floor available for now)
- New cloud fog on the minimap
- Story corrections
- Soft improvements to reduce lags in Hoovoo volcano

29/08 : Alpha 0.7.1 :
- Fixed a little bug in description

29/08 : Alpha 0.7 :
- Bug fixes in start level
- Stanog shops heavy improvements
- Boss life doesn't appear anymore in dungeons
- Add dedicated maps for bosses
- First boss map edited
- Little story change
- Other bug fixes and little improvements

Alpha 0.6 :
- Start bug fixed
- Sound loop in valcano level fixed

Alpha 0.5 :
- Bugs fixes

Alpha 0.4 :
- Start level improves
- You can't access to the 2nd dungeon without cleaning the first one
- First boss HP are now correct (2000HP)
- Some other improvements and bug fixes

Technical Support / Loading time
« on: August 23, 2013, 04:30:52 PM »
Hi everyone,
I just want to explain my problem. I've done with a friend a new custom map. But when we try to host and share it through the game, the downloading time is tooooooo long ! (1% per 5minutes for a 20Mo map... And just 20secondes to share it through Skype)
Is it a problem from the game ? Can we hope a patch for that ?


Editor Discussion / Boss scripting
« on: August 22, 2013, 06:43:55 PM »
Hi everyone !
I'm actually working on some bosses. I already done one caster boss, with some skills like seeker, nova, summon...

In fact, i followed the maps open source by Linaru, but i think i'm missing something, because i'm trying to make another boss, a melee one, but there is any of this skills who work. I can't apply any skill.

Where can i found all the skills who can be added to a boss ?
Or anything about boss scripting ?

Thanks :)
(Yes, i've copyied/paste my post on Steam)
And sorry for my bad english :(

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