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Bug Reports / Overlapping Music
« on: February 19, 2015, 12:59:21 PM »
When going to an area that has different music, the music from the old area often stays playing.  And it will keep playing seemingly forever, the worst I got it I had the main menu, act 1, and act 2 music from castle hammerwatch all playing at once.  There is a way to make it stop when it happens, but it's a hassle because you still have to wait it out. 

By turning the music slider all the way down it will stop playing the music from the current level, but the overlapping music from previous areas will continue playing until they reach the end of their track.  At that point those songs will stop and it's possible to turn the music back on.  Turning master volume down to 0 mutes all music, but they're all still playing when you turn it back up.

It's doing this to me and all 3 of my friends that started playing a few days ago.  We're using the Steam version.  It's fairly annoying.

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