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Hey, nice videos ! I really enjoyed watching :)

So, I'm finally back, working on this totally new patch, especially with Workshop ! I'm uploading right now the map, and will continue my work. I think a new version will comme very soon now ;)
And, I think I will make more patches, with less content, but more often.

Thanks a lot Bman :3

So, i'm veeeerry busy currently, moving out to another country require a lot of administratives papers, but the project is going fine. I also made about 30% of the 3rd dungeon and i'm still adding some new ideas for the future.

It will take time, also because my occupations than because I want to make good work, but don't worry, I'm progressing ;)

Resources / Re: [ASK] Elf sprites
« on: June 30, 2014, 01:53:44 AM »
Hello FreshPrince,

Yes, the project is still going. But for now, i'm very busy because i'll move out in another country very soon. I'm also working to make some extra cash.
To talk about your work, it's quite good, but i can't say by seeing it "oh, it's elfs characters !", and that's what i'm searching for.
I don't have any tips for now because I don't have good skills in chara-making, but hang on, and maybe we'll be able to make some deal ;)

Sooooo, giving some news :D
Good news. (but maybe you don't even care :3 )

After some competitive examination, I've been admited in a  really great video game school, in MontrĂ©al. So... well it's maybe the best chance of my life to do what i love to : creating games. I presented Requiem of Hammerwatch to the jury, and it seem they really liked it.
Anyway, if I have this chance, it's thanks to you guys (and girls), everyone of you. By your support, your advices, your passion, i could make a better campaign.

So, what about next ? I will certainly not abandon Requiem of Hammerwatch. I told it before, i'm saying it now, and I will further. I love this game and what I have done too much to abandon it. So don't worry about new content, it's in progress for a new VERY HUGE update to thanks you for your exceptionnal support. I'm working hard on it.

Anyway, thanks again, and please keep this game alive, it worth it ;)

Hello !

Just some news for you, I'm focusing on my studies, but I'll continue Requiem of Hammerwatch soon after that :3

Resources / Re: [ASK] Elf sprites
« on: March 06, 2014, 04:55:15 PM »
Christmas 2013 ? The game was already out, no ?

But you're right, relying on others is not a good thing, and I posted here with the hope to found someone to help me, and if not, I will do it by myself, I already started to modify some characters, and I will continue unless someone want to join the team.

Resources / Re: [ASK] Elf sprites
« on: March 04, 2014, 10:41:48 AM »
Thanks for your reply Pwo, but i'm currently preparing some competitive examination  to enter in a video game school, and if I can make it, I will probably have some great persons to help me.

Of course i could make it on my own, but i want an excellent result, not a simple sprite to just allow me to continue, I want quality before quantity.

Anyway, I'm still searching, and have maybe found someone. If I really can't find anyone with great skills, I will have to do it by myself, but I want to try to find talented people first :)

Resources / [ASK] Elf sprites
« on: February 24, 2014, 08:45:25 PM »
Hello everyone :)

So, Eternahl is maybe about quiting my team working about Requiem of Hammerwatch, and I will probably work alone then. In fact, he was the only one who was able to make custom graphics. So i'm starting to search a SERIOUS worker to continue Requiem of Hammerwatch with me, and I need a graphical help.

So, if someone is interested, i searching a custom sprite of elves, starting from those sprites :

And if you want to continue (and if you do a great work), you could join the team, helping to made this campaign even better.

I don't want to spoil even more the story here, so, thanks for (maybe) your help :3

The 0.8.4 patch is now uploading !
I hope you will enjoy it ;)

Thanks guys for your support, you made a great video :3
I'll post tonight a new patch that will add a new music I had ever used in another game I've made, stay tuned ;)

The 0.8.3 version is here !
Don't forget to check the patchnote ;)

The third dungeon will be deleted, and we'll made another one. It doesn't fit with what we want to give to players : too big, too annoying, nothing fun to sum up.

For the second, i will add a counter for the switches, and totally change the final trap race with harder traps, etc.

There's some secret places in the town, and a secret area in the 2nd dungeon, did you found it ?

Anyway, thanks a lot for playing and giving so lot of feedback, that will help a lot !

Hummmm... I will add some levels on the arena, but I don't know if I will unock them through the story... Especially because of the story (I will not spoil, don't worry)

EDIT : I added your corrections, thanks again :3

Excellent, I am working right now, but I will edit that tonight.
I think there's no quick way to resume all strings in one file, instead of doing it manually. I can do it by myself to make the work easier for you.

Good idea, I will add some indicators to the inn (the only place where i can place some).

There is already one, when you finish the first dungeon, a new bridge appear to quit the map quickly.

For the Arena, yes, it's a one time thing and will stay like this.

Custom Maps / Re: [Campaign][WIP] : Requiem of Hammerwatch : alpha 0.8.2
« on: February 13, 2014, 12:39:09 PM »
Aaaah, great, thanks a lot Hip <3

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