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@Mylan, yeah, I turned off the Steam overlay.

I believe it turned out to be a bad mac update-- I had to downgrade my OS version. Everything runs smoothly now.

I'm sorry if I caused any trouble, I just had no idea it was an automatic update until I started watching YouTube. It had terrible fps. Hopefully, the new update causes a problem with video backends, so it'll be Apple's fault and they'll fix it.

I think it's great that you are working on a new game, but it's a little disheartening for me to see that, since you probably won't be putting in as much effort towards Hammerwatch. I signed up for the forums today to say the mac version of the game needs an update badly, especially with the release of Yosemite, this game is running super-slow and I can't fix it.

I'm stuck in the menu, the music plays full speed but the graphic output is lagging and has a terrible frame-rate (probably 1 frame per 20 seconds.) Any suggestions? It ran fine when I first got it, and I already re-installed it to see if that would fix any problems. Unfortunately, it did not.

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