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Resources / Theme F, PSD
« on: September 16, 2013, 12:35:53 PM »
I'm gonna share the PSD for the new Cave theme, which I in the survival level calls Dark Steel.

The PSD contains the unaltered color version of the theme and also the yellow-ish grassparts that I tested with (not complete etc). To enable the Dark Steel theme, just turn on the two adjustment layers and turn off the Grass top group.

Hammerwatch Discussion / Future patches, upcoming features and fixes.
« on: September 02, 2013, 12:07:09 PM »

So, just to let people know what's ahead, here's a little list of what to expect in the near future and also what to might expect in the distant future.

Near future:
No date for any of these things, will probably not be in the same patch.

An additional upgrade system:
In addition to upgrading your character by using the shops, we are introducing items that can upgrade your stats, like armor, health, damage and mana. These items can also be added to custom maps and be modded to upgrade whatever is in the tweak-data files. These upgrades affects the whole party, not a single character.

Better chests:
Chests can now drop multiple items, so don't be surprised if you see an apple, a small diamond and a worthless shoe drop out of a chest.

Proper scoring and stats screen:
Myran has added a lot more stats collection to the engine, this allows us to do two things, fix up the end scoring of the campaign and add a real stats screen, with a lot of info, all the things you want your friends to see, so they know how's the guy. This will show the real distance between pro/am.

The Survival level:
in the beta, we had a survival level, it wasn't very enjoyable (Linaru made it a lot more fun though). Obsolete made his own survival level that we liked a lot, especially that concept of a survival. So, inspired by that one, we are releasing a Survival level, where the goal is to survive to the end and kill the boss, saving will be prohibited on this level and you start with zero lives (however, you can still buy them at the store). Money in this level is represented in the form of crystals shards that can be mined by hitting the larger crystals placed around the level, sometimes a chest or two will also fall down to give you a upgrade or some health.

This level is introducing a whole new theme too, a Dark Steel cave theme, I will release the psds for that theme too, included in the PSD is the raw brown/stone theme that modder can use for their own caves. There won't be any new enemy types on it, except for the boss (which is a caster lich), that will introduce another skill for the lich, some AOE damage thingie.

Steam achievements:
We are adding some more achievements to the campaign and at least one to the survival level, finding the Bonus levels and perhaps also some character bound ones, like getting 800 combo in a row, or something.

Updated campaign levels:
There has been numerous fixes to the campaign, mostly bug fixes - we are not changing any major feature of the campaign. However, we're adding the upgrade system to it (how else would anyone ever notice it?), re-tweaking some things, adding a teleport to the first boss (like the others have). This will break any current save game in the campaign, just so people know that.

Steam Cards:
We are having some more concept art made for the game, this will be used for various things, but most importantly, for Steam trading cards, this might be a while though.

There are other things too, like drop-in-join, masterservers and such, but Myran will have to write more about that - cause I know nothing about it.

Distant future:
Most of these things are really far away.... as it looks now.

New campaign:
We want to release another campaign in the future, set in a totally different location. That's why I've started to draw a desert theme and talking to several artists about creating some new custom enemies and such. This campaign might contain up to two new full size bosses and also minibosses, maybe some more and different puzzles etc, achievements and what not.

The Rogue and The Priest, are two classes that has been talked about the most lately. I have no real info about any of them yet, they are only in our head, but you could guess that a Rogue can perhaps throw knifes and backstab for more damage? The Priest will take over the party healing from the Paladin and maybe have a beam attack that damages enemies and heals friends (like the Medic in TF2), these are just ideas and a big job to implement, new graphics etc, so we will see what happens.

That would be fun and add a new dimension to the game play, but that's also a big job to fix, we need to rebalance classes, create levels etc.

I thought it would be nice to be able to create and play tower-defense in this game, but the editor and game needs to be fixed to be able to handle such things, they are a bit more advanced and also might require some kind of UI-support.

If I think of something, I will add it to this thread. Myran will probably post some more tech things too, about fixes, features etc etc.

Editor Discussion / Video guide for first level.
« on: August 20, 2013, 11:41:06 PM »
I created a little guide, how to set up a folder structure and properly save and play the level!

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