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Editor Discussion / Re: Couple of questions about sprite scripting
« on: October 12, 2014, 01:52:55 AM »
Lets take a look at the h_16_fence.xml

Code: [Select]
<collision shoot-through="true">
<point>0 8</point>
<point>0 -4</point>
<point>32 -4</point>
<point>32 8</point>

If you go into the editor and turn on "Show Physics" those little green boxes are the solid parts of an object, just like in the picture up above.  The easiest way to make them is to copy-paste an existing similar item and then just mess with the numbers a bit.  Lets look at what they mean.

shoot-through="true" should have fairly apparent implications, letting you make some objects permeable to projectiles or not, remember we pulled this one off the fence xml.  The next bit takes a bit more explaining.

A polygon is just a shape made up of straight lines and corners, and the points between the two <polygon> tags is the list of points which makes up that bounding shape (in this case a rectangle, since we have 4 points arranged such). 

Feel free to change around the numbers to get a better idea of what these points do, but I'll try to explain.  The first point, <point>0 8</point>, is the bottom left corner.  The first number there is how far that corner is to the right of the origin (remember the origin is that little red bit), so in this case it directly lines up with it.  The next number, 8, is how far below (down!) it is from the origin.  So the first point is just 8 units directly under the origin.

The next point, <point>0 -4</point>, is the top-left one, since its just 4 units above the origin (since the 4 is negative).  The next two points form the top-right and bottom-right respectively, and then it always connects the shape back to the first point.  Thats how the shape is defined and thats what makes it in to a solid object in Hammerwatch.  So in order to make your own doodad you have to set up those numbers so that the shapes lines up with your graphic.

Don't forget to Reload Assets (Ctrl-R) after you make changes to an xml, and always remember that you have to save those changes for them to matter.  Good luck.


Oh and here's an example of a circle collider.

Code: [Select]
<collision static="true">
<circle offset="0 0" radius="8" />

Good luck figuring it out.  Remember your two best tools are:
  • Guessing and seeing what happens
  • Copying and pasting

I believe some sources refer to this as "an exercise left to the reader" lol

Custom Maps / Re: [RELEASED] - Ravenwatch - Act 1 BETA - 0.18
« on: October 10, 2014, 08:01:32 AM »
After running through Greyfall two buddies of mine and I ran through the first part of Hammerwatch, defeated the first boss before it got too late and called it quits,  which is unfortunate because I solo'ed the next area for a bit and it seemed well done. 

Bit of a review.

  • Minor Graphical Glitches - a few out of place tiles on the beach, some minimap icons which down line up, lack of a border around the cave entrance doodad, and the lack of transition tiles between the different ground textures.  Overall super great (see pro below) but I assume you already know most of what you have to work on there
  • Bit slow on the pacing - I really like the first area and you definitely build up to the full Ravenwatch experience at a slow boil, I just can't quite decide if its too slow of a boil
  • Health - the variety of health items is good, but it seemed like there may have been a few too many ways to get health back.  I definitely got the sense that "Ravenwatch is a place where you are going to take tons of damage, but, is also willing to let you find plenty of opportunities to get it back," which changes the feel of Hammerwatch and makes it more about surviving individual encounters than the long slog against the inevitable hit point loss.  That part was good, but it still seemed like a few less mushrooms may make it a bit more tense.

  • Direction - the maps felt very complex and windy, full of twists and turns and new areas which changed up the style and kept it fresh.  Despite this we never felt lost and it doesn't seem like just a linear hallway either, very good.  The use of the different levels and stairs also adds a ton to it, I feel like I'm wandering around some old school Gauntlet map
  • Fun Loot - the gravestones were fun, and the loot rate on the monsters was high enough that taking out a crowd left a satisfying little coin pile, something I think which vanilla Hammerwatch maybe should do more often.
  • Customs Assets - like a ton of super cool custom assets; beach with waves, multi-level areas, shops, town, ravens, cool trees.  Thats a ton of work and is pretty much the best thing ever.
  • Cool Traps - the raven traps certainly add a nice little edge to the areas, I think you might want to touch up their sprite a little bit but overall very cool.  The area which combined the zombie hands (also great art) with the raven traps was unique and really stood out.  The whole boss battle as well had a fun dynamic to it also.

Overall I'd say you have a cool direction and that I was sold the moment I saw those little ravens hiding in the trees to come out at me.  You've a good sense of aesthetics and design and I wish you luck with making more Ravenwatch.

Custom Maps / Re: [Campaign][WIP] Greyfall
« on: October 10, 2014, 07:50:15 AM »
Friends of mine and I played through the bit you have posted on the workshop.  Had a pretty fun time staying up late doing some Hammerwatch together.  As far as what I think.

  • Variety - Although it did seem cool to wander through the cell block the maps were very square and the first area was largely the same without many shifts in pace or new challenges, maybe a few different types of enemies would help.
  • Backtracking - Had to double back a few times to find keys and doors, but without any new monsters it was mostly just walking.  You had some fun set-piece challenges, maybe have a few of them which reset after grabbing a key.
  • Few Errors - the mini-map icons for the checkpoint gate prefab are a bit off, but aside from that I didn't notice many

  • Published - You actually produced a map and put it up on the workshop, unlike some other campaigns which I've heard about... (like mine)
  • Environment - The bit the the darkness and the limited torches was very innovative and changed up how Hammerwatch felt, seemed very oppressive and focused in, and made those traps have some extra zing.
  • Cool Challenges - Some of the rooms (like the poison gate, or the gate which held back the horde) were pretty fun challenges, throw in a few more of those and you'd be good to go.  It mixed it up a bit more than just being able to wander in to a room and hack them down one by one, keeps you always looking out.
  • Art - you have a ton of super fun custom assets

Hammerwatch Discussion / Re: HammerWatch Arcade Cabinet
« on: October 10, 2014, 04:50:00 AM »

Resources / Re: Need some help, not sure how to do this.
« on: October 09, 2014, 09:06:06 PM »
Keep it frosty.

Resources / Re: New Class - Totem Ranger!!
« on: October 08, 2014, 09:21:10 PM »
Oh thats pretty cool, and some good ideas.  I'll upload a cleaner version tonight with the whole branching skill tree thing as well to show off to people how to do that.

Theres no way to actually change a player's animation in game though right?

Editor Discussion / Re: Multiplayer Spawn locations
« on: October 08, 2014, 08:56:53 PM »
Afraid that as it stands that isn't possible to do in Hammerwatch, all the players will always be sent to the same spawn point.

Bug Reports / Re: Workshop glitch?
« on: October 07, 2014, 08:12:03 PM »
Did you re-pack the new folder using the level packer?

Resources / Re: New Class - Totem Ranger!!
« on: October 07, 2014, 07:34:38 PM »
Nice. However, you will never be able to make enemies target other enemies, but instead, you can spawn "towers" that shoots like the nova towers do, that would make more sens then I guess.

True, I think I'm going to change it look like a small totem that you drop which shoots an energy beam towards you, sort of like forming a wall between yourself and it.  Theres also a fun sort of challenge to you being the cross-hairs to where they aim, makes positioning more important.

Resources / New Class - Totem Ranger!!
« on: October 07, 2014, 09:50:18 AM »
New class available, wooooo!

Really though, now that the hype is out of the way I've been experimenting to see just how far one can tweak that tweak/ folder, and I came up with the idea of subclasses, variants for the existing ones which can have their own unique upgrades.  Right now we have the totem ranger (far from done), who can summon clones to help him with a barrage of arrows instead of bombs.  I'd like to have a few more custom assets.

As far as whats possible there's a ton which you can do to change how shops and upgrades work, even making specific options for each class and branching skill trees.  I'm going to start a smaller and more do-able tutorial series focused more around giving out tidbits and useful one off tools to other level designers called Kashlavor's Compendium.

Its incredibly late here, so I'm going to sleep and come back with some more coherent ideas in the morning.

In the meantime, check it out.

WOoooooOOOOo NEW ClAsS!111!1

The HammerEditor is pretty sweet overall, when its not quite so late I'll see if theres anything else I can think of.

Right now the only thing I noticed was that the ResourceExtractor when using the map argument doesn't unpack the icon or info.xml of levels, meaning that testing them in the editor crashes the editor.

I just absolutely hate the priests normal attack, id like to give him the frost spray is this possible?

Just changed the title/subject because i didn't want to make a new thread

Probably should have just made a new thread, but no, afraid you can't change the priests normal attack.

Hammerwatch Discussion / Re: Hammerwatch has no Hammers
« on: October 05, 2014, 03:33:50 AM »
If there are no hammers how can we watch them?

Phantom is also quite right.  Your extractor should work but you'll have to follow either one of the two methods.

Custom Maps / Re: [RELEASED] - Ravenwatch - Act 1 BETA - 0.18
« on: October 03, 2014, 01:42:45 AM »
Got this off the workshop.  So far it seems super fun, aside from a few graphical glitches it looked awesome and seemed very cool.  You have a frankly ridiculous number of custom assets, of which my favorite are the ravens perched in the trees.  Looking for more of it.

Also I forgot if you've addressed this previous but how do you feel about your assets getting used other places?  OK to have a few ravens showing up in other people's maps or you want to mostly keep them your own thing?

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