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Do you use windows?

Might be able to do a quick thing on that later.  What I'd reccomend first is to pull apart an existing map which has it, like the hub area of the new campaign.

To do that find the .hwm file in Hammerwatch/levels/ and copy it into the editor/ folder.  In this case copy campaign2.hwm into the editor/ folder.  After that click on the address bar of the editor/ folder, the whole C:/program files......editor/ all that, and copy it.  Next open up the command prompt for windows, the little black box thing.  This can be done by hitting start andtyping in "cmd" and hitting enter, or by finding its icon.

With the command prompt open type in

Code: [Select]
cd "

Then right click on the command prompt, hit paste, and then put another quote mark, so it ends up looking like

Code: [Select]
cd "C:/...something something...editor/"

Then hit enter, this takes the command prompt to your editor folder, then we can use the ResourceExtractor to unpack the campaign, as such

Code: [Select]
ResourceExtractor map campaign2.hwm

After this you should have a new folder called campaign2/, feel free to dig through the levels and learn from how the real pros did it.

Editor Discussion / Re: Editor won't test levels - crashes
« on: October 02, 2014, 07:28:41 AM »
Huh, interesting problem you're having Kashlavor, did you check inside the unpacked level's directories?


Why yes I did, and discovered the secret.  It seems that the ResourceExtractor does not unpack the info.xml and icon.png which seem to be necessary for running the game, even testing levels.

Thanks for the quick reply!

(Lol, figured it out.  Would be nice if you guys added that in to the ResourceExtractor)

Also I noticed that the trusty old example/ folder is no longer in the assets.bin, would be nice if it got added back in.

Editor Discussion / Editor won't test levels - crashes
« on: October 02, 2014, 07:15:55 AM »
Opened up the editor after letting dust accumulate on it after a long time and tried to test out some of the new campaign levels and it crashed.

Code: [Select]
--- UNHANDLED EXCEPTION - 10/2/2014 2:07:47 AM - HMW 1.3 DEBUG ---
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at ARPGGame.GameBase.InitGame(Difficulty diff, GamePlayers players, String mod) in c:\Projects\ARPGProj\trunk\ARPG\ARPGGame\GameBase.cs:line 309
   at ARPGGame.GameBase.Initialize(GameControls controls, WorldDrawer worldDrawer, MenuDrawer menuDrawer, PhysicsSystem physics, Camera cam, StartParameters sp) in c:\Projects\ARPGProj\trunk\ARPG\ARPGGame\GameBase.cs:line 201
   at ARPGGame.ARPGGame.OnLoad() in c:\Projects\ARPGProj\trunk\ARPG\ARPGGame\Program.cs:line 876
   at ARPGGame.ARPGGame.Run() in c:\Projects\ARPGProj\trunk\ARPG\ARPGGame\Program.cs:line 458
   at ARPGGame.Program.Main(String[] args) in c:\Projects\ARPGProj\trunk\ARPG\ARPGGame\Program.cs:line 193

I also tried unpacking one of the levels from the workshop to open up and test out, crashes as well.  It seems to run just fine though when I open up the old example/ levels.

So I

  • Copied campaign2.hwm out of the Hammerwatch/ folder into the editor/ folder
  • Deleted all the old assets folders and copied the new assets.bin into the editor/ folder
  • Ran ResourceExtractor on the new assets.bin
  • Ran ResourceExtractor map on campaign2.hwm
  • Opened up campaign2/levels in the HammerwatchEditor and tried to "test" a few of them

Tried the same with the old campaign, and Hammersouls (hey, I was curious lol).

The moveAI needs to be linked to Area Trigger, right?

Yes. I need to update that pic.

Oh this is cool.

Resources / Re: Need some help, not sure how to do this.
« on: October 01, 2014, 07:11:58 PM »
I use

Its free, simple, and does everything I need.  Took a little getting used to but I found it easier than learning GIMP or pirating photoshop.  I've heard good stuff about GraphicsGale but hadn't used it much personally.

Resources / Re: Need some help, not sure how to do this.
« on: October 01, 2014, 04:15:05 AM »
Not exactly an excellent artist either but I can give you some advice on workflow.

First off there's no substitute for practice.  Download a bunch of good pixel art, zoom in, see what makes it good.  Open up all the Hammerwatch assets and check out their style.  Google "pixel art tutorial" and read and copy a bundle of them.

The most helpful site I found was, they have plenty of good tutorials and a helpful community which can give you some good feedback on your work.

As far as the details:

No the background doesn't need to be purple, make the background transparent, Hammerwatch can use the alpha channel.

There isn't a maximum size or space or whatnot, but I'd look up the sizes of Hammerwatch's existing assets and try to stick to similar numbers.  For example Mr. Knight appears to fit inside a 24 x 24 box.

To animate you need to make a single image file with each frame in it.  Check out the tutorial I put up, its long, and poorly formatted, but I think I talk some about it.

Do you need to animate it?  Maybe?  That's up to you.  A wall doesn't need to be animated, but a waterfall does.

Good luck, lots of practice, and the wall seems cool so far.

Hammerwatch Discussion / Re: Patch Notes for 1.3 (Sept 2014) with Expansion
« on: September 30, 2014, 07:29:48 AM »
Been a while since I've been on here, saw that the Temple of the Sun was playable and started trying it out.  Seems super fun so far.  The classes, art, level design, you guys kicked it up a notch.

Gonna rope all my friends who got the 4-pack back into playing for another epic all-nighter Hammerwatch session.

Editor Discussion / Re: Exit area
« on: July 01, 2014, 09:17:09 PM »
What happens when you try it? Just nothing (won't work at all)?

Did you do the whole thing about packing the level and running that?

I've actually never tested any levels over online co-op so I can't say, I'll let you know if I think of anything else.


Hammerwatch Discussion / Re: Plagiarism?
« on: June 08, 2014, 06:33:29 PM »

Hammerwatch Discussion / Re: Plagiarism?
« on: June 08, 2014, 03:42:46 AM »
In most places the author can't enforce a copyright on core game mechanics.  No one is alowed to put a stamp on "the first person control scheme."  Art, sound, story, setting, levels, all those are the intellectual property of the game.

If you're asking if you can make a top down game where you run around and kill things then yes, go ahead.  If Hammerwatch inspires you to make something new that's great.  Hammerwatch certainly isn't the first, nor will it be the last, game to let players press keys to run around slaying monsters.

It does happen to be a pretty fun one though.

Took some days off while I try to figure out how to set up the grand finale to the little tutorial level.  Thanks for the offer NekoBaron but I think 100,000 characters should be enough.  And while you guys have done a great job with the wiki I don't really want to write this out twice, I didn't even realize how much there would be to this writing it out once before I started lol.

Also, is there any way to use like a
Spoiler for Hiden:
tag kind of thing so that big sections of the tutorial can be "minimized" so its not quite so unwieldy.

Editor Discussion / Re: Enemy Armour
« on: June 07, 2014, 10:22:03 AM »
Then you're in luck, you appear to be the lucky winner to have found a new and exciting use for the "Level Event" ability which Hipshot posted about.  You could use that to trigger the animation, and then have the Level Event be an event which actually triggers the Toggle Immortality script inside your prefab.  Its all on the composite skills post.

The only problem would be is that all of them would have their immortality triggered simultaneously, but this wouldn't be a problem so long as you didn't expect to have more than one of these crazy things on the screen at one time.  If you were very dedicated to this I think the only way you could really make it work to have an easy to place mob, having multiple at once, each capable of being invincible at different times, would be to make a number of different prefabs, each working off a different event, and then make sure that when you place down groups no two of them work off the same event trigger in the same room.

If you wanted to you could also make a tower looking actor, make it look big and scary, and have it be the one which plays the animation and triggers the event, making all its minions invincible.  This way it would seem more plausible when all its minions become unkillable simultaneously.

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