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Wow, these are amazing ideas, but i don't think there is any way for players to implement this yet, it'd have to be up to myran to add this, unless he makes something which can add whole new classes. If classes were added now, after the campaign was made, i don't think it'd work very well.

Custom Maps / Re: [Versus/Competitive PvE] Hotlane - BETA
« on: August 26, 2013, 11:26:51 AM »
A very unique map, i haven't seen anything like this before. The custom sounds and music are very well fitting for this style, and it is very fun to play with your friends. It can be quite difficult if you aren't a paladin, as he can just charge through everything if you get him 210 health. It is in beta so i can't really complain about anything, but suggested improvements are:

Walls, you should fill in the walls with color theme/b so you can't see the darkness past it.
It might need a bit balancing with each class with the tweak.
You can find some ledges where you can glitch into the black abyss, and kill the enemies when they can't get you.

This map is very fun, may be the most fun custom map i've played, even though not many has come out. Especially that it is in beta, the final outcome of this level will be superb! Please carry on to develop this map, as it is great.

Editor Discussion / Re: Custom shops
« on: August 25, 2013, 11:56:41 AM »
Hi, if you are talking about buying fire shooters, then i can help. Basically, what happens in the map, is when you buy a fire shooter, it sends a global event trigger, so say it sent out something like FIRE, the global event trigger would be looking for FIRE, and if it's true, you can connect it to something, when it becomes true, but to do this whole process seems complicated at first, but it's really easy. In the assets folder after you got the resources, there's a tweakl, and in this tweak, are xml files saying shared.xml, knight.xml, wizard.xml, warlock.xml, ranger.xml. In these xml files, you can edit the shops of each class, so in knight, i could copy and paste a level 5 sword damage, and make a level 6 sword damage, allowing me to change the price, the damage, and the prerequisites of it. So in this case, you would go into shared.xml  and heres my example:

      <dictionary id="drk2" cost="1000" cat="lig1" shared="true"
         name="Light Lvl1" desc="Light up the darkness, and unlock a new area..." />

So, the dictionary id, has to be it's own thing you cant have 2 of the same id, or you will get a crash. I named it drk2. The cost is 1000 obviously. Now, the cat, is the kinda id thing. Basically, when you have off1, off2, this can be lig1, lig2. If you put lig1 in the shop, it will come up with this. The dictionary id, is the id which will be sent to a global event trigger, so if you have a global event trigger looking for drk2, and you buy this in your shop, it will activate. The shared = true, means that it can only be bought by 1 person, so like the fire  shooters. The name, common sense, the desc also common sense.

Heres an example of my shared.xml:

Also, if you have a shop on one floor, and want it to work on another floor, you get a global event trigger, which activates a global variable, and then on the other floor, you have a check global varibable, and you activate it like this, although me myself, i have been having problems with getting it to work on different floors.

Editor Discussion / Re: Good Graphics Tool?
« on: August 24, 2013, 02:46:40 PM »
I use,

Editor Discussion / Hide lighting Bug?
« on: August 22, 2013, 08:44:25 PM »
Whenever i try to use the hide object script on a lighting thing, it works, i have it hide then show when you press a button, but then when i don't see it, it randomly disconnected from the light, and i have to keep connecting it to my scripts for it to work, but it's too annoying. I'm not sure why it does this, is it suppose to happen? I definitely am saving, as i test my level, which always requires you to save it, to test anything new you have added, but this is getting annoying, i can't really carry on with my survival level without this as it solely relies on lighting up places. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Editor Discussion / DOOM Map resources!
« on: August 21, 2013, 01:47:32 PM »
I haven't seen many maps coming out, so i want to give away my map (Even though it isn't that good) to people, so they can see my scripting tricks of how i did everything. You can also get my custom mobs etc, and the music. The main part i want people to see is the puzzles i have made, because i struggled allot with it, and others may as well. Anyway, if there's anything you need to ask about the map and whats in it, make a comment, and i'll try get back to you ASAP!

Link to folder:!91MHzbjS!fSzszg8IK79aneWY_70PKCqLLhB1EMewdEHYU7l1fpU

Just extract the zip folder and take a look at my assets. If you want to look at the level, open hammer-watch editor, and in my folder open levels, and  choose any 1,2,3,4.xml each number being a floor. No credit needs to be given id you are using my bad assets.

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