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[PvP] Hotlane 1.0b - The competitive PvE map

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HOTLANE v1.0b - The First PvP map of Hammerwatch


- Download v1.0b -

Description :

Hotlane is a competitive PvE map, so it's indirect PvP : the players begin with an amount of money that they can spend in shops. When everyone is ready on the teleporter, the group is transported in a 4 lanes map (one lane by player). The goal is to be the first to open the golden door and kill the boss, by ANY mean, you can even activate traps in other player's lanes to slow them down by progressing in your lane and activating some buttons.

I'm working on implementing a timer to know exactly what's your "score" at the end of the map. By the way the new statistics seem cool

If you want to help me and promote the PvP in Hammerwatch : download this map, play it and tell me if the monsters should be stronger, the traps deadlier and if the classes are balanced ;D !

It's currently recommended to play the classes with their ultimate skill.

Guide :

Here's a global view of the map :

Here's a description of the main mechanisms on which the map is based :

This last one is particular : once the button is pushed, the annexes (full of upgrades, and potions, and heal and mana) will be closed for all the players except the one who pressed the button. It gives a serious advantage, especially for the Towers Room and to kill the Boss. About the top button, by pressing it you'll spawn random items (potions, upgrades and stuff !).

Thanks to the beta testers :


Updates :

16/09/13 : Version 1.0b

- Major bugs fix
- Scripts error fix

16/09/13 : Version 1.0a

- 4 fully playable lanes
- Random upgrades spawner : at a given frequency, random upgrade(s) spawn(s) in the lane hub
- Statistics and End Screen when the boss is killed
- Tower room tweaked (less and slower projectiles that one shot you : the normal towers could crash the game because of the numerous projectiles spawned at once).
- Boost room tweaked with the new upgrades
- Many bug fixes

31/08/13 : Version 0.3

- More balancing (play each class with their ultimate skill)
- Bug fix
- 2 fully playable lanes in 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2

28/07/13 : Update 0.25

- Keys were not the best way to open the doors. I replaced all of them by a destroying object script ;) !
- Even more balancing (upping a bit the paladin after his nerf, reducing a bit the Warlock and tweaked the Wiz and Ranger HP).
- Tweaked the boss to be more challenging : he has less HP but does way more damages and his skills are more deadly. His move speed have been increased to match the turbo update.
- Move speed and aggro range of the skeletons have been reduced to match the new Door opening script.

The animation glitch of the fire trap on enemies will be fixed Soon™ (because it takes likes forever to fix).

27/08/13 : Version 0.2

- Turbo mode activated : a more nervous gameplay.
- 2 Playable lanes with different colors !
- New text announcers !
- Some bugs have been fixed.
-  Trap activation from one lane to another : after pressing the circle button after the flame labyrinth, you'll activate a trap in your enemies lane. Once it's activated in one lane, the button is destroyed in other lanes.
- New doodads and lights.
- Classes have been tweaked heavily.
- Enemies have been tweaked : more HP on spawners, higher spawn frequency, less HP on some mobs, mana drops from skeletons slightly reduced.

I'll test that now ;)

So, in first, it's impossible for a mage. Every trap one shoot you. There's no way to collect any key.
And warlocks/paladins are cheated to take lot of damages.

Yep, I will correct it by adding more HP to the mage. It will be around 90HP after upgrade lv2. I'll also slightly reduce the mana drops from the skeletons.

About the 2 keys, it's for bonus items, you can clear the level without getting them.

About Rangers, I have not really tested the level with them. But it's not a class that I play a lot, so I don't really know how to improve it without making it uber in comparison to other classes (trust me, the meteor mage with more HP is really strong, especially in skeleton room).

A very unique map, i haven't seen anything like this before. The custom sounds and music are very well fitting for this style, and it is very fun to play with your friends. It can be quite difficult if you aren't a paladin, as he can just charge through everything if you get him 210 health. It is in beta so i can't really complain about anything, but suggested improvements are:

Walls, you should fill in the walls with color theme/b so you can't see the darkness past it.
It might need a bit balancing with each class with the tweak.
You can find some ledges where you can glitch into the black abyss, and kill the enemies when they can't get you.

This map is very fun, may be the most fun custom map i've played, even though not many has come out. Especially that it is in beta, the final outcome of this level will be superb! Please carry on to develop this map, as it is great.


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