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Finished Temple of the Sun.
« on: August 22, 2014, 01:59:34 AM »
Well first I wanted to say thanks to the Hammerwatch developers for doing a fantastic job!
I've always been a pretty big fan of the game, I've put around 170 hours into it and feel like I could put so much more. Between the new campaign and some of the excellent work coming out of the steam workshop, I can say I will continue to play this game with the hope that it will continue to be a staple in my steam library.
With that being said the new campaign was freaking awesome. I spent so much time playing the first campaign, I've always appreciated the different zones and length but I have to say that the new campaign brings all the good ideas from the original and amplifies it. Seeing some of the trap mechanics blew my mind. It was what I had always wanted in Hammerwatch. Boulder traps, new boss and enemy was just great to see all this hard work coming to the game. I ran the new campaign on medium playing as a mage and having my buddy run as paladin. The basic group combo worked out great as always and even with a decent amount of deaths we still managed to come out on top. The game felt very fluid and IMO I felt that the amount of lives and placement of teleporters were very solid. I almost spent no time wandering around trying to find my way to town. My only problem is that I do have a bit of a concern for the difficulty adjustment for Hard mode. I ran a solo mage run and couldn't make it passed the 2nd boss. I'm by no means the "best" hammerwatch player, but I do feel like I am more than capable of playing on hard. 80% of the the runs I did on the original campaign were played on Hard; I do LOVE a challenge, but personally it seemed like it could be tweaked just a tad.
        All in all I just wanted to show my appreciation to the devs and give a special thanks to Hipshot who has been nothing but awesome to me, and to the developers for putting out what I believe is the best content yet! Thanks again and if anyone is interested in running the campaign on hard message me for my steam info!
Thanks again, Crono.(Evan Troxell)