Do you like this map ?

1/5 : That's not even an adventure DUH !
2/5 : Not bad but I prefer to discover secrets, I'm not a fan of competitive maps
3/5 : It's cool but I loose every time, it's not well balanced
4/5 : This map has a great potential and I love the ideas, but you could add more things !
5/5 : Hotlane will be an Hamerwatch's classic, develop it further and take my money !

Author Topic: [PvP] Hotlane 1.0b - The competitive PvE map  (Read 55544 times)


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Re: [PvP] Hotlane 1.0b - The competitive PvE map
« Reply #60 on: July 17, 2014, 05:59:55 PM »
I was actually thinking of doing some kind of competitive map for a while now :P
(or a cool arena):P
and Hipshot,when will you implement modding the character files xD
(i would really like it soon and can think of many uses)

oh great map concept :D(cant wait to play it,even though i lag like **** in hammerwatch multiplayer:(
(I might go make a thread about that):/