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Enter Azuron and fight across the land, collect the 3 gems to unlock the wizards tower and defeat him to stop his reign of terror over the people of Azuron.

What the campaign will have:
Starting mines
Overworld map
3-8  general map locations (villages, pass through areas, bonus caves)
4 Main Dungeons (collect 3 gems to unlock the 4th one)
Scripted events (Im enjoying the path scripts)
Basic custom art since I cant draw well.
Custom enemies / bosses

The difficulty is going to vary a lot, I'm using the difficulty filter to remove extra enemies and spawners on easier difficulties, anyone should be able to chill through easy and anyone looking for a challenge should be pressured by hard.

Going to add final screenshots and download in this post, and post work in progress in additional posts.

ALPHA 0-15
ALPHA 0-19


Screenshot of custom overworld and the graphics I designed for it, unfortunately I deleted my cliff graphics in gimp by accident so they will be remade, they're designed to make the world look multilevelled. show physics is on.

All the cliffs and the water has custom animated waves doodads on the edge, I've also created a custom minimap asset for them so the map will display as expected.

I just need to create trees/location icons and such for the map then work on the locations plus I'll need some desert assets.

Can't wait to try you're campaign.. good luck!

Here's an extremely rough early version (hence the 0.03 version of it)

At the moment there's the starting open mines area which can take about 10 mins which I probably need to tweak more possibly since my friend suggests it might take too long if you go the wrong way.

I think I need to add a fake actor since by default telling enemies to run a path for an event takes ages if they have a slow move speed.

The exit of the mines and a rough version of the overworld map you can look at and check the mini map on.

You should avoid to make a global map... Just make a big hub area with Hammerwatch tools. It's really not that long (the problem of map editing is not the map it self, it's the scripting and the overall balance). Or at least, upgrade the graphics of your map, because at the moment it's kinda ugly :/


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