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Castle Bloodshed
 1.0c (Download link)

      You play the role of some lost adventurers that arrive at a lonely castle. You soon realize you've found the source of all that's been troubling the locals: the Vampire's hideout.... Quickly an epic quest unfolds as the castle comes alive and throws everything it's got at you.


        Medium/hard difficulty in general, scales with game settings


       Can only be completed with 2 or more players.

       Floors: 5
       Bosses: 3-5 depending on play through


All feedback welcome.

1.0c Update info (29/09/2013):

* Brand new hidden bonus level! Hint (It's accessible from floor 2)
* Added general textures: blood walls, new coins, animated fogs, exitdoors
* New sounds: rogue legacy tracks, havanna browns big banana and many more. Have fun guessing :)Older version:
Download link

Played as solo paladin for now, obviously only did one floor for obvious reasons.

The music was really unsuitable and doesn't really fit with the game (Zelda 1 dungeon theme got repetitive fast)
The mini skeleton bosses were just frustrating at such an early level and the final boss of the first floor can be exploited on a corner, generally if you want bosses you need to design an enclosed area for them.
The entire first floor was just too large and could do with being split up into about 2/3 floors plus there's extra keys in places.
Some of the first shooters can be avoided by walking right up to the wall.
With the level being tight and compact the spawners on the other side of walls tend to get activated early leaving swarms by the time you get around there.
A lot of graphical bug with some walls being out of place, z fighting and invisible areas/breakables not being textured right.
Lack of pacing with health items early on.

I did the entire first floor without quitting.
Didn't feel too repetitive.
2nd floor looked like it had interesting concepts for 2 players (but 1 player might feel left out ding all the buttons only)

I wont rate it since I didn't finish it, honestly the only main issues I had was the music and the random breakable walls in places.

Seems good, I'll rate your map in 2-3 days after played this co-op with a friend.
I will also give you some advice of what I found insteresting or boring/repetitive.
For the moment thank you so much for sharing this :)

Thanks NekoBaron, I really appreciate you taking the time to test this map. I'm impressed you managed to clear floor 1 as a single player! I understand that a map should be able to be played solo, but so far this a co-op only map.

* The Zelda music is very repetitive I agree, you're not the only person to mention that, so I will consider changing it
* haha yea I'm too evil: The double early boss knights do only have 1000hp(xplayer count) whereas normally they have 2250, but maybe i need to turn off some of there attacks also?
* Ok I will consider replacing the first floor bosses, as this is my first big map
* what do you mean by z fighting? and also if you get the time can you tell me which walls are out of place? i.e. top left doodad a_h_16 or something like that.
Overall great feedback, thanks again. v1.0b will be coming soon.

Z fighting is when 2 doodads that are rendered at the same level are overlapping, the game doesn't understand which on should be rendered in front of the other so they fight and flicking a lot in places. You can see this in the editor usually in places if you slowly scope over the map.

The main issue with those early bosses is with the lack of arena for them you can avoid them which is good, but on the down side their blood swarm attacks penetrate the walls and can hit you across the map. You could set them up to drop a small diamond on death to give more reason to hunt them down.

Also a few save points are too close to enemies like the flower spikes.


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