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[Campaign][WIP] Castle Bloodshed 1.0c

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I played first level yesterday co-op pala+mage.
found it very very funny :)

please put also minibosses in separate rooms with stairs.

Playing this map in local coop with a friend, game crashed after killing that Santa's squirrel (was that a squirrel?).
This map has great potential! It is very funny and I think that I will play this again with this new release :)

My two cents:
Bosses must be more difficult, for example that squirrel is too easy, spawning lots more green slimes could be funnier!
Bosses must be in a separate rooms with stairs, 'cause of the checkpoint activation if both player dies
Turrets with mage's shoots are a good idea but they must have more HPs
Sometimes checkpoints are too near to mobs horde, maybe you can find better places to put them

All this criticism only to improve 'cause this is so far my preferred campaign (after the original one), and I'm going to try in hard-mode.
Your coop concept is really awesome :)

EDIT: I loved your soundtrack :)

Thankyou sssank, Im glad you enjoyed it. I don’t know if I plan to extend on it much more although I am happy to tweak it here and there to make it more playable. Good feedback about the bosses I will keep it in mind.
Do you think the fire towers should have more hp? They’re currently at 400hp. Perhaps you’re just too good at this game lol :)
Haha it’s not really a squirrel, it’s supposed to be Mr Hanky the Christmas poo from south park, Howdy Ho!
Thanks again, btw did you find the bonus level?

I meant not fire turrets but the one with mob mages shot, that pair of green balls following player! It has something like 50hp I think!
I havent find the bonus level and missed also a stair. I wanted to do everything but I was thinking that boss stairs were for a single zone and planned to return. Anyway, I will play this map again in hard mode for sure :)

My brother and I played Coop for about 40 minutes. I like what I see so far.
Feedback, it is a little disorienting to come back to life at the save point, granted this isn't a big deal, but I am used to coming back aside my gaming partner. This is an interesting way of doing it, I could get used to it.
Yes, it is a little dark, its been said.
It is hard, which is good, but also much different from the campaign I am used to. I realize that much of my feedback is really comparing it to the standard campaign, which maybe isn't fair. This is a good design in it's own right. Good work, I will keep playing and see how it goes.


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