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[Campaign] [WIP] Lair of the Archnecromantrix


Just started work on a campaign, I've only gotten as far as the first area, I'm hoping for much more to come.  I remade the classic maze with hidden walls, and put some details into the entrance of Act 2.  Act 1 will involve actually reaching the Lair itself.

I'm hoping to give each level a bit of a theme, and add in some custom enemies as well.  Sprite animation is hard, but I'm hoping to make some stuff.  Next goal will be to add an enemy which looks just like a coin, until you get within hopping range.  Mimics and trapped treasure are classic, I was surprised to find they hadn't happened yet.

I'll still need to do some work on balancing and details, I'm really looking forward to channeling some inner Gary Gygax.  I'm also considering doing a bit of class re-balancing, and making full use of the ability to add upgrades/change around shops, maybe have some upgrades with additional drawbacks for their cost.


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