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Here's the soundtrack for everyone to enjoy! It's made by two feathers and they allowed us to release it.

MP3 110MB

01 Hammerwatch
02 At the Gates
03 Further In
04 Slightly Mad
05 Defeated the Boss
06 The Armory
07 Metal Chambers
08 Pens and Swords
09 Runes and Destiny
10 Heroes Never Die
11 Really Mad!
12 Paladin Needs Food, Badly!
13 BONUS Creepy Castle
14 BONUS Creepier Castle


Thanks for releasing this lovely soundtrack

Was the 'singing woman' heard in part of the Act 1/2 tracks a synthesized SFX, or an actual vocalist? If the latter, do we know who it was?

I really enjoyed the music and thank you and two feathers, for making it available for download.   I looked hard on steam for a soundtrack purchase, as is common with indie games. 

Free is even better, I wil "pay it forward".

I would suggest everyone stop by there FB page and give them some love.
If you are having trouble finding them;

Thanks for the OST!
This version is better than the Humble Daily Bundle one, because that one is missing the 2 bonus tracks.


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