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Patch Notes for 1.2

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Patch 1.2 is now released, focus has been on balancing the game and make the overall campaign experince more fun, by adding random character upgrade drops, minibosses etc. Also, one thing we are testing is by having the Ranger walk and attack at the same time. Below is a more specific change list =)

[*]Ranger can now walk while attacking.
[*]Health upgrades now give 20 health instead of 30
[*]Ranger now starts with 0 armor instead of 2
[*]Spread shot upgrades nerfed slightly
[*]Arrow penetration now removes 15% damage instead of 25%

[*]Enemies that die with the dagger poison applied to them now explode
[*]Dagger poison now lowers enemy damage by 25%
[*]Lowered dagger damage

[*]Charge now always goes through enemies even though the enemy did not die
[*]Charge damage lowered
[*]Lowered end-game armor upgrades
[*]Healing now heals around half as fast and costs more mana

[*]Act 1: Removed random flower positions.
[*]Act 1: Added 3 more 1ups.
[*]Floor 1: Added a passage from Floor 1 to Floor 3 for people that which to skip Floor 2 (hidden of course).
[*]Floor 2: Easy, disabled the very difficult spike floor in the middle of the level!
[*]Floor 2/3: Easy, removed some elite maggots.
[*]Floor 3: Level 1 weapon store added (in case you missed it on Floor 2).
[*]Floor 3: Easy, removed some arrows shooting from a trap.
[*]Boss 1: Easy, disabled the spike trap floor and arrow traps.
[*]Floor 5/6: Changed a small red diamond into a upgrade on a Pyramid top.
[*]Floor 6: Out of world fix.
[*]Floor 9: Opened up some paths.
[*]Floor 11: Changed waypoint after the spike traps, it's easier to get now.
[*]Floor 12: Added an upgrade to the large fire trap floor.
[*]Boss 4: Changed how this room works when killing the dragon.

[*]Tweaked the Dragon boss to become harder.
[*]Dragon boss Fire Balls now have a proper splash damage radius.
[*]Lich_1 and Lich boss now shoots through players, can potentially hit other players behind.
[*]Lich boss mirror images now turns into white bats when they die.
[*]Towers and Flowers now have a chance to drop upgrades and vendors coins.
[*]Added minibosses to all acts. Minibosses has a lot more health and are much more dangerous then regular foes, they will always cast bloodlust on monsters close to them, they will always drop a random upgrade and a vendor coin.
[*]Lich 3 (healer lich) also has an ice spray (slows and damage players) and more health, he's also been tinted blue.
[*]Added flower markings around them, which outlines the range of a flower.

[*]Make actors immortal (new entity).
[*]Speech bubble system added (new entity).
[*]Added status effects on damage (xml).
[*]Added HP bar tag to actors (xml).
[*]Added penetrating projectile behavior (xml).
[*]Added melee hit to composite AI (xml).
[*]Added healing as a composite AI skill (xml).
[*]Added whirlwind composite skill (xml).
[*]Added whirlnova composite skill (xml).
[*]Notification text tag added, like "1up" on lives and what kind of upgrade you just picked up (xml).
[*]Spawn actors (enemies) via the loot system (xml).
[*]Added Optimize object IDs to editor, use before saving prefabs.
[*]Physics simulation can now be toggled off in the editor.
[*]Added prefabs (new "level" files).
[*]Collision on money drops, easier to select.
[*]Levels can now have a global Add light applied.
[*]ObjectEventTrigger can now be attached to dynamic object lists (like the "Last spawned" on the SpawnObject script).

[*]Added glare effect (advanced graphical settings).
[*]Enemy difficulties now scale when people drop in and out.
[*]End-game damage upgrades are now more expensive.
[*]Added a "score" button to the stats screen.
[*]Added some tutorial texts, can be seen by hitting a clue stone on the ground.
[*]Added some hint texts, can be seen by hitting one of the blue thieves around the game.
[*]Changed a intro and extro, added a bit more story to the game.
[*]Some traps added to the minimap, like spike traps, fire floor and turrets in Act 4.
[*]Chance puzzle, increased the chance to get the purple chest, added the purple chest to the game.

New Achievments:
[*]Christmas 2013 - Find 24 Christmas presents before, well, when we choose to end it.
[*]Worse than Ghost and Goblins - When Beard vs Games played the game, they failed, fail like they did.
[*]Midway - Get down the special exit from Floor 10, back to Floor 1.
[*]The Grisly Combination - Solve it like it was E1M4, a Quake 1 reference.
[*]Combo Killer - Get a combo of 200.
[*]Combo Master - Get a combo of 1000.

Small mistakes in the beginning (campaign experience) and in Levels, Floor 1 (which -> wish).

I loved the minibosses, the one from last act isn't a little bit too hard? I've lost so many lives on each of them!

Is it also coming to the Humble Store ?

I think the Humble version is still in 1.1 ... =/

It will, it will. DRM-free versions are always a bit delayed, but the Humble version contains a steam key too!

Thanks for the patch notes.

Please don't make vague patch notes like: "Healing now heals around half as fast and costs more mana". I'd like the numbers.

Also, if we have saved files in the campaign, does it add the changes or do we have to start over?


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