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Hello wonderful, small hammerwatch community. This is my first dungeon I'm going to publicly release and it's a survival type. Originally, I was going to make a traditional dungeon, but I decided to make something a lot shorter instead and this was the result of one evening of dungeon crafting. The concept is that when an enemy is killed, another will take its place. It's just one wish that I could detect enemy deaths instead of enemies leaving an area and detecting what the enemy type is, but I had to find work-arounds.

The Map - Difficulty Varies (Easy - Hard)

So, a lot of the map is based on a slight amount of randomness. There are currently 4 different random triggers in the map. The first is chests. At the center of the arena, there are 3 groups of 5 chests each. These chests, as you probably know, can provide either upgrades, lives, or money. They give players a reason to run around the room rather than staying in the narrow corridor at the entrance to the shop/spawn zone. Second, there are consumables that randomly spawn at the edges and center of the room. They provide either health or mana, depending on which spot you're at. Lastly, and the most important, when an enemy dies, another RANDOM enemy respawns instantly. Thankfully, stronger enemies are rarer, but if you let them stack up, eventually, all the enemies will be tier 3s or 4s. It's a good idea to eliminate these more powerful opponents quickly before they start stacking up in large numbers. With recent tests, I have determined that the map definitely works in multiplayer, but I think multiplayer might get an overhall soon. I have also determined that the end game is a little boring, so I want to spice it up. Let me know what you think about multiplayer and also what you think about both single and multiplayer end game below.


If you like what you see, try out the map and say what you think about it below. If you think something is unfair or you have some ideas for what I could do to the map, also post that down below. I'll attach the map below as well.

(Note): I've gotten some confused users asking where the link is. You need to be logged into a forum account to see the link at the bottom of this main post. Find the latest version and it should work, just follow the instructions in the zip file.


Patch 1.1

-Complete arena redesign
-Minibosses now spawn
-Income is reduced
-You now gain money per kill
-Removed potion vendor

You could change the speed of the melee enemies to be faster than the player can possible be (exc. combo) that might fix the kiting problem.

I could probably do that, but the problem with making it impossible to kite makes the game...well...kind of bull. I think the best approach would be to change the way the map functions in some way so that you can't eliminate the stronger enemies and be left with the weaker ones.

How about not let any more chests spawn until X number of enemies die. Also don't let chests spawn on top of each other. I would also like to point out that you can buy more lives from the potion shop so that should be changed. The powerups also spawn WAY too frequently, I got so much armor every enemy did 1 dmg so I just fire balled my way through to the middle and spammed meteor shower and got tons of money from the drops.

I just finished a massive overhall on the map and I'm currently testing it before release. You'll likely see it later today.


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