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Help, how i can unpack a level?

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Hello everyone. i'm making the Diablo 1: hammerwatch edition. and i thought that it was a good idea if i use the "dungeon generator" in the Diablo 1 map. but i can't use it because the map generator make de map already packed. and i was thinking in unpack the campaing made in dungeon generator and use it in the Diablo 1. but i don't have any idea how to do it. ┬┐Can somebody help me with this? Thanks ;D
PD:(Sorry for my bad english, i'm spanish xD)

I don't think you can unpack a .hwm map file thingy. I know that it is possible, as some people have this tool to do so.

You can actually do it with the regular ResourceExtractor program that's also used to unpack the assets.bin, just add the argument "map" to it, so something like:
ResourceExtractor.exe map generated.hwm

Can anyone please help me understand in layman's terms how to "just add the argument 'map' to it". After googling argument to .exe blah blah forever I couldn't really come up w/ much other than making a shortcut and messing around w/ the target directory :  ...ResourceExtractor.exe" map mylevel.hwm

Making a shortcut and changing the target directory like that is one way of doing it, so that should work fine.


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