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[WIP][CAMPAIGN] Mental Dreams [UPDATE]

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Mental Dreams - A horror map. Prepare to SH** your pants, in this 4 hour long map. From puzzles, to solving clues, monster mashing, and good old hammerwatch gameplay, this is a map, fit for anyone, (Except people with weak hearts).

The map is still a work in progress so there is currently no download yet.

This map is being developed by 2 people, Me (TrollTaylor) and Madman.


Alright, so we kind of ditched this map, because we had exams coming up, meaning i had no time, and i was revising instead (And playing DotA 2!) Our exams are over, so we have began working on the map again!

(What is in it currently:)
So at this moment, the map is really high quality, with custom quest HUD's and GUI's, with custom content music, and npc's, with special features.
The map is currently around 2 hours long, and we are planning to make it 4 hours long, so the map will be released in a month maximum.
We removed all the pictures before, as our map has improved since then, and it is looking WAY better.
I have 11 weeks off school now, so I have insane amounts of spare time, which is why we think the map will definitely be finished.
This map is way better than all the maps currently in Hammer watch, and it is also better than the campaign, so you should all be excited :3.

If you have any ideas please tell us!

Best map ever!

* removed *
Don't use offensive remarks /hipshot

Looks shit.

Fucking amazing!

Can't understand what exactly is  it


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