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[WIP][CAMPAIGN] Mental Dreams [UPDATE]

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Why you hate me? D:  :'(    XD
ok, no more spanish (for now  ::) )

So, currently, this map takes about 2 hours to do (While knowing what and where everything is). We are planning to make the map take at least 4 hours to complete, so it might not be out for a while.

Don't abandon this map. I don't care if it'll take more time to fix all the bugs 'cause I want to play finished map, it will be like additional campaign.

Maybe, the devs will even include it in the game with some update, but anyways you should do it to the end

We will never abandon it, although i can't find time to dedicate myself to it enough, meaning that it may be a while.

UPDATE: We have added a snowy place. As well as a tonne of new gui for everything and every quest, and improvements on everything.


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