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Basic Editor Tutorial - Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Editor

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Dai Tou Zai:
Hmm, i cant figure out how speech works, could you make a tutorial on that?

Might be able to do a quick thing on that later.  What I'd reccomend first is to pull apart an existing map which has it, like the hub area of the new campaign.

To do that find the .hwm file in Hammerwatch/levels/ and copy it into the editor/ folder.  In this case copy campaign2.hwm into the editor/ folder.  After that click on the address bar of the editor/ folder, the whole C:/program files......editor/ all that, and copy it.  Next open up the command prompt for windows, the little black box thing.  This can be done by hitting start andtyping in "cmd" and hitting enter, or by finding its icon.

With the command prompt open type in

--- Code: ---cd "

--- End code ---

Then right click on the command prompt, hit paste, and then put another quote mark, so it ends up looking like

--- Code: ---cd "C:/...something something...editor/"

--- End code ---

Then hit enter, this takes the command prompt to your editor folder, then we can use the ResourceExtractor to unpack the campaign, as such

--- Code: ---ResourceExtractor map campaign2.hwm

--- End code ---

After this you should have a new folder called campaign2/, feel free to dig through the levels and learn from how the real pros did it.

Dai Tou Zai:
My extractor doesn't work at all for some reason, i actually had to have the guy who made pirates cove send me just the files so i can see what he did on one part.

Do you use windows?

Dai Tou Zai:

--- Quote from: Kashlavor on October 03, 2014, 12:05:12 AM ---Do you use windows?

--- End quote ---
Yeah i use windows 7

it does nothing for me when i drag and drop a complied map into it, and it wont let me type on it either, it just looks black for a few seconds then disappears.


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