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Gibs/Complex particles
« on: June 27, 2014, 01:21:06 PM »

Ok, we added a new feature called Complex Particles (or a gibs), it's a system that let's you spawn more effects when something dies or from the editor via the entity called PlayGibs.

More specific, it give you the choice of spawning a bunch if sprites with or w/o an added particle trail, down here are a few example xmls:

This first one here is a bomb, the item dropped from barrels and by the ranger.
Code: XML
  1. <gib speed="2" power="3" spread="0" life="0.8" particle="effects/particles.xml:bone-particle" particle-color="0 0 0">
  2.         <sprite scale="16">
  3.                 <origin>1 1</origin>
  4.                 <texture>effects/gibs/gib.png</texture>
  5.                 <frame>45 0 3 3</frame>
  6.         </sprite>
  8.         <sprite scale="16">
  9.                 <origin>1 1</origin>
  10.                 <texture>effects/gibs/gib.png</texture>
  11.                 <frame>48 0 3 3</frame>
  12.         </sprite>
  14.         <sprite scale="16">
  15.                 <origin>1 1</origin>
  16.                 <texture>effects/gibs/gib.png</texture>
  17.                 <frame>51 0 3 3</frame>
  18.         </sprite>
  19. </gib>

The bat has a very simple effect, it's only the trail and no gib-sprites:
Code: XML
  1. <gib speed="0.75" power="1" life="0.4" particle="effects/particles.xml:bone-particle" particle-color="100 0 0"></gib>

And these are the parameters controlling the behavior:
speed = how fast the gibs travels from start
power = how many gibs, not the exact amount, it's a multiplier
life = how long they live, speed and life effects the travel distance
spread = so gibs won't all spawn from the same point, default is 0.5 here
no-rotation = gibs can have a slight rotation, or not

This is an option in the gfx menu, so even if default is ON, one should not expect everyone to see these effects.

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Re: Gibs/Complex particles
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2014, 06:02:09 PM »
WOW! Looks awesome!