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I should have posted this a long, long time ago.

I attached a file called console.xml, if you download and place that file where your hammerwatch.exe is, you can use the same commands I use when I work with the same shortcuts, it will make your life as a modder much easier.

You can edit the keys in the xml if you like.

Things you probably wanna use, a lot, is god, nocip and speed. These are the commands I use, pretty much all the time.

This will actually make it easier to test! :D Could we have a /floor, and a /damage function? They seem pretty self explanatory, but /floor changes your floor, and /damage changes your damage.

To change a level type

setlevel x LEVELID

Damage, you can level up yourself if you want. Use givemoney NNN and then shop

Hi so this might be a really dumb question, but did you disable the console for later versions of the game? I can't get it to work

When your running hammerwatch from the editor/editor folder it runs under Debug, you use ~ to show the console


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