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Hammersprite is a little tool that lets you easily get your custom sprites ready for the editor. With it, you can easily create tilemaps, doodads, items, and enemies without needing to write out every single sprite coordinate and dimension. It also generates default values for item behaviors, actor behaviors, and lights, which you can easily edit in the xml file.

Single tiles
Bordered tiles
Single-state doodads
All item types (unless I forgot some?)
Both 1-Directional and 8-Directional enemies
Melee and ranged enemy behaviors
Collision polygons for doodads and items
Circle collision for actors
Static/Non-static colliders and shoot-through
Glow effect
Attached lights
Automatic updates
And more!

Not yet supported:
Multi-state doodads
Default doodad layers
Particle Effects
Composite, caster, boss, and tower enemy behaviors
Possibly more? Let me know!

Video Tutorials (Watch in HD):

Hopefully the videos will be enough to learn how to use Hammersprite, but if anyone needs further help just ask! There is no video yet for creating actors, but it's very similar to creating doodads and items. If you want a video for actor creation just let me know. Also, please leave feedback, bug reports, and suggestions below! I know the Resources section of this forum isn't super active, so feel free to tell other people about this if you find it useful. Thanks  ;D

Installation instructions
Just download and run Hammersprite.application. You might get security warnings from Windows, but I promise it's completely safe. If you can't open the .application file, try installing the Microsoft .NET Framework:

Download link (extract folder and install using Hammersprite.application)

Source Code (C# Visual Studio Project. Released under MIT License)

When I try to run the application, it just opens as a .txt document. What can I do to get it running properly? I can't wait to use this program.

Sorry about that! I think you need to install the .NET Framework in order to run .application files:

I just started learning to use the editor, and I found this post looking for a way to make custom sprites. So glad I found this, and I can't wait to get started using it. Thanks!

Also, if it's not too much to ask, could you post a download of your current sprites (the ones from the video)? Unless they are already included, of course.

Hey Finn,

All the sprites from the videos are posted in the YouTube descriptions, but here they are:

Opengameart is a great place to find sprites, sounds and music for custom levels. Enjoy!


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