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Error text file
« on: September 02, 2014, 11:19:47 PM »
Hi, first off, thanks for this great game, I have spent many hours playing it.

Here is an error text file I have, the game crashes sometimes when I play with friends, specially in the desert campaign, sometimes I can see colored squares with text  over the floor or walls after I restart the game and reconnect.

Also I think the music loops a bit early on some acts in the first campaign, but I think it may be an error just in my game, in some floors both in the first and second campaing, if I get a Game Over! or reconnect to a multiplayer game, the music from the main menu plays, until I change floors.

Other minor bugs I've seen are, in the 10th floor, at the dead end after the long and narrow passage, if you place your character against the bottom wall and move to the right, you can walk on the air. The last one, I was playing the thief before patching for the desert campaign, after the patch, the knife flurry cost 21 mana (it still costs 21 mana in that save file), but any new game with the thief, that skill costs only 20. Or are these things intended? (... why was the thief nerfed?)

Well, hope the error text file helps somehow. I think i will try reinstalling the game to see if anything improves.