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Need some help, not sure how to do this.

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Dai Tou Zai:
Let me start off by saying i am not a pixle artist, the only pixle art i can do decently is forward looking ones and sideways, i have no clue how id get the 8 directions correctly and i don't even know were to begin for that stuff, anywhom i was wondering if anybody knew a resource that would help me get better at pixle art there's alot of stuff i dont know like

Am i suppose to have the background purple?
How big can the maximum pixle art be for the sprite?
How many pixles do i have to space for each frame thingy?
Is the pixle art too big?
How do i animate it?
Do i need to animate it?

ect, so does anybody like you know have a guide or something?

Here are my WIP's so far

Not exactly an excellent artist either but I can give you some advice on workflow.

First off there's no substitute for practice.  Download a bunch of good pixel art, zoom in, see what makes it good.  Open up all the Hammerwatch assets and check out their style.  Google "pixel art tutorial" and read and copy a bundle of them.

The most helpful site I found was, they have plenty of good tutorials and a helpful community which can give you some good feedback on your work.

As far as the details:

No the background doesn't need to be purple, make the background transparent, Hammerwatch can use the alpha channel.

There isn't a maximum size or space or whatnot, but I'd look up the sizes of Hammerwatch's existing assets and try to stick to similar numbers.  For example Mr. Knight appears to fit inside a 24 x 24 box.

To animate you need to make a single image file with each frame in it.  Check out the tutorial I put up, its long, and poorly formatted, but I think I talk some about it.

Do you need to animate it?  Maybe?  That's up to you.  A wall doesn't need to be animated, but a waterfall does.

Good luck, lots of practice, and the wall seems cool so far.

I think your work looks nice!

You could also go inside one of the original assets and and just paintover your custom ones. This way you get a understanding of how the textures work in HammerEditor.

First of all:
What program are you comfortable using? There are a lot of softwares that many different pixel artists use.
- Photoshop (what I use daily)
- GraphicsGale
- Pro Motion
- MSpaint( its works, but if you use this you should look into downloading another software)

I know photoshop uses a animation tool that has existed from CS3, I use that daily.

When it comes to your other questions I guess its better for you dive into how the editor works so you get a understanding of the workflow yourself.

Kashlavors sticky should really come helpful here for you:

Goodluck! :)

Dai Tou Zai:
Thanks for your help guys, i use MSPaint but when i code them into the game its not transparent, so i guess i need to use GIMP or something like that...

I use

Its free, simple, and does everything I need.  Took a little getting used to but I found it easier than learning GIMP or pirating photoshop.  I've heard good stuff about GraphicsGale but hadn't used it much personally.


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