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What we are up to right now (read this or die).

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Greetings and salutations my dear developers!

So the thing is I've been following you on YouTube, watching every video about SSBD, calming my ever reoccurring nerdy rage every time I see the awesomeness of that project, yet I was wondering when will I be able to try it meself. Can you give us a short sum of the current progress of the game? :)
I wish you an infinite supply of rejuvenation potions and a huge bag of gold.
Yours etc.


You will be able to test it in time =D

Glad you are following us on Youtube, you can also take a look at our twitter account where we post more often @

We will also in time remake this forum to support more games!

Will there be a closed beta, Hipshot?

Yes, there will most likely be some kind of closed beta for this game!

Sounds great, where do we apply? :D Please let us know when we can, we'd be very intrested in participating.


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