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What we are up to right now (read this or die).

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Well, this certainly sounds interesting, having liked both the Serious Sam series and Hammerwatch. Looking forward to it :)

This is going to be a SciFi shooter game, with mixed contemporary weapons like Miniguns and pistols to laserweapons and grenades. We will have a limited leveling up system, that gives you perks, just like in Gradius, or Call of Duty if you so like, here some of them:

I'm sure a lot of people that like hammerwatch for being an fantasy game and so won't like this as much, but for those that like modding this should be much much better - but more complicated.
Trying to move as much as possible away from being hardcoded into the engine itself, into Angelscripts that's placed just like xmls outside the exe should help a lot. For example, how weapons actually work and behave, script elements, weather effects, player behaviour etc. But that's not all, if you have some knowledge in real scripting and coding, you can use the angelscript system to do a lot more than just mod what's already in the game, you could add completely new systems too, I guess you can potentially mod in a hammerwatch into this if you want and have the knowledge.

This is also the engine that will power a Hammerwatch 2 in the future, whenever that will happen. It had to take a backseat when we develop this one, since we are only three people, might add another level designer to the ranks this spring though.

@ miniluigi008, I'm sorry to hear that, I can't really answer that question, if the game ran fine, then something must have happend afterwards, I must assume.

One question, it sounds like I will be able to actually write scripts and use them?

Is this true?

Myran can answer this better than me, but from what I've heard, he should probably add to this discussion.

One of the most frustrating things about the current editor is the sheer number of script nodes it takes to do something which could be done with a few lines of code.

I'm excited to learn more about this.


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