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Hi !

As a happy player of HammerWatch (on PC, local coop with my kids), I dreamed about a more mobile version (to play alone, on train). Don't run, or throw me any sharp axe ! When I mean mobile, I was thinking more of a portable console than a touch base phone game, a console that could be a Nvidia Shield for instance (because I own one, but any other Android console with proper physical controls could do the trick, Android TV included even if it's not mobile, but let's stop digressing).

And what did I stumble upon ? HammerWatch Coliseum

I jumped to the page and found the DEV (not Crackshell) was unknown to me (sorry for my lack of culture), and after a quick search on the forum and the official web site of HammerWatch, nothing announced this.

So what's up ?
And in the case of an official Hammerwatch for Mobile, why not a full/original HammerWatch ?



We haven't made this game, but we fully endorse it and have provided all assets from HW to Hammarhaja (the developer) so they could develop their own version of HW for mobile (iphone/android), we have been helping out with some additional new assets and provided some input regarding the design. I think the game have great potential, the full release is supposed to be this autumn.

The idea actually came with me having ideas of a smaller HW version for mobile, since I don't think the larger PC game would fit very well (I really hate that laggy touch input, sorry all phone lovers), then I talked to a few people and eventually met with Johan (Hammarhaja), that started doing his (and a few other developers) version of Hammerwatch, using Kings new engine Defold. Crackshell, me and Myran are not a company that develops mobile games and we are also very busy developing Serious Sam's Bogus Detour and our new platform - that will eventually also power a full PC HW2.

I should also say, that HW1 will most likely hit PS4 this year, not 100 about the date, but it's being port by a studio called Blitworks,

Okay, thanks for the enlightenment ! I will test this version of HW without the fear of a scam or whatever.

And I completely agree about the bad touch controls on mobiles, that is why I talked about the Shield Family from Nvidia (Portable, Tablet + Controller, Android TV + Controller) that can be compared with classical consoles and a full fledged version of HammerWatch.
Oh, what do I see on Blitworks Site ? They can develop for Android too ;)...Let me dream...

Good luck with your new titles anyway !

If there's a PS4 version coming out? Will there be any cross-play to it? So if you buy it on PS4, you can get it on the PSvita? This is the perfect game for PS vita in my opinion, and having to own both these devices, i think that this would be an amazing thing to happen!

I found this as well and am very interested in it, but I am a little paranoid about how it needs the "Identity" and "Device ID and Call Information" permissions. I've always been wary of apps that ask for permissions that may give personal info or my phone number. I've found plenty of games that require little or no permissions.

Any idea why these permissions are necessary? If given a reasonable sounding explanation I might make an exception for this game. It's especially hard for me to see the need behind the "Identity" permission.


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