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Hammerwatch dead?


I know, you guys are working on another game, etc.

But are there gonna be any major updates to hammerwatch? I'm talking new classes, bosses, levels, etc.
If not, then I would still say this is a pretty good game, but if yes, then you guys are awesome!


There is a community of map designers and game enthusiasts for Hammerwatch that appears small but is very much alive and the developers of the game are always around to test and send feedback to new maps designed by the players who are committed to creating new content for others to play.

I am very much looking forward to any and all new projects the team are working on based on their work from HW and I will always hold out for a HW2 no matter what I hear  :)

HW2 will eventually happen, when that is, I don't know - but don't expect it in a while.


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