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Graphics meltdown
« on: September 09, 2015, 07:59:17 PM »
HI, im Camzaur. I just bought hammerwatch for steam roughly 1 hour ago with my friend. long story short, its f**king broken. the textures are completely glitched, jumbled up like there supposed to be a puzzle, and there constantly moving. when I eventually get through to the menu, what once was the jumbled background becomes lots of white text, the letters almost looking cryptic and the background is completely black, it wont let me join a game and when I open up something like options the menu buttons are still there overlapping the options. meanwhile my friend is playing the game fine. did I just get sold a buggy file? or I have just got a one-in-a-million bug? hope this was enough information but if someone at hammerwatch wants to help im happy to send pics. someone please tell what the F is going on and if it can be fixed  :-\

much thanks  ;D
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