Author Topic: Priest/Cultist Variant Request  (Read 2742 times)


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Priest/Cultist Variant Request
« on: March 21, 2016, 04:10:05 PM »
Just a request to the developer if they ever have the spare time and feel like it.

You couldn't make a dark variant of the priest could you?

Just like a black robe with purple designs, hood up can't see face because of shadow and green or red eyes?

Giving them a reskinned dark purple beam, and red auto attack?

I think of the priest as a really cool tank wizard, kind of like those teal coloured guys that shoot frost magic in act 4, but they just don't look cool at all, its really hard to get into playing them.

PS: also just as a side thing you couldn't also change their spell drain area to like anything else could you? I find it to be a really bad ability and a lot of people I've been talking to feel the same.