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[CAMPAIGN]Dungeon of Doom 2.2.4 - The Hunt for the Golden Moose!

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A custom Hammerwatch campaign in 2 acts, featuring a prologue, an epilogue, custom monsters, custom themes, custom mini-boss, traps, secrets, puzzles, a custom boss fight and an 8-bit custom soundtrack by Pantera, Megadeth, Man-o-War and friends.

• Playtime any%: 1½ - 2½ hours.
• Playtime 100%: 2½ - 5 hours.
• Difficulty: Medium to Hard (Extra hard on hard difficulty)
• Recommended players: 2-4

Latest version: Dungeon of Doom 2.2.4

We hope you want to try this new version of Dungeon of Doom we have been working on for some time now.. The campaign is now almost 3 times the original lenght and we have added tons of custom stuff. Don't be shy to tell us what you think :)

We have one huge issue; The music starts to loop over the music from the previous levels at some point. This we can't fix nomatter what we try, but we hope one of the pros here might take a look at it, and tell us what we are doing wrong.

Also, credit goes out to the Pirates Cove and DingoVania crews for letting us use some of their assets, we appreciate it!

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the campaign :)

The link does not seem to work for me :(

I recommend uploading it into steamworkshop if possible! :)

Doh, should be fixed now.

We would like to get some feedback before posting it to steam, though, so I hope you'll download here and give it a try.

We can test it tomorrow at work =)

We tried it, it was fun, act2 is nice, however, we died somewhere, cause there was some error with the spikes, I'm not sure where, perhaps Christian can tell you more.

I think it has to do with level change actually...


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