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Warlocks suggestion (durability passive)


Warlocks in every game have always ment to be the more resilient spell caster that steal life, for the most part the developers of this game are spot on.

But I feel their passive ability blood sacrfice is quite useless

For one thing no one can get a combo better than them so they can heal from that, they can heal from their blood nova quite a lot actually and adding the blood sacrifice on top is just overkill.

The fact is a lot of things can just kill you one or two hits, making that added healing pretty useless anyhow (especially since its basically a wasted skill until higher ranks)

Could I suggest some alternatives to the passive? For a few.

Dark Shroud: Envelopes the warlock in a dark should (like the invulnerability potion effect but a bit more spread out and black particles) and allows them to completely negate one attack every 30/24/18/12/6 seconds.

Demon Flesh/Skin: The Warlock takes 10/20/30/40/50% less damage and heals 25% more.

Demonic Resilience: The warlock takes 14/28/42/56/70% less damage (Just more damage resistence than the rest with no special effect)

Eternal Resolve(Lastly): When otherwise the warlock would die they instead are taken to 1 health and cannot go below 1 health for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds, can be used every 60/50/40/30/20 seconds.

I just find blood sacrifice to be completely and utterly ineffective and I think either one of these abilities would help warlock with their problems.


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