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Scripting help - fire traps exploding


So I'm learning scripting right now for levels, and I'm following this guy's youtube tutorial, ( but instead of the fireballs going straight across or in a wave pattern, they just explode where they spawn so I can't cross the hallway, and I'm unable to figure out what's up with it.

Could I get some help from you guys?
Attached an xml of my test map.

Make sure that the projectileshooter script isn't clipping with the wall collision.

You can achieve this by pressing 1 on the num pad (this sets the grid to the lowest level) and nudging the script the the right/left/down/up with the arrow keys.

I am 99% certain this is the problem without looking at the level.

That was the problem. Here is the "corrected" version of the map.

You are wonderful. Thanks a bunch!


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