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Help with script icons in editor


I've recently started to making maps in the Hammerwatch editor and I've noticed that when I place script objects they do not have any icons.

I can't seem to find any information on how to fix this, so I was hoping to get some help for the Hammerwatch community.
I've attached an image of the script icons and an example level.


I recently had the same (or a very similar) error, but I am not sure how I solved it.
However: I was working on my laptop and when I unplugged the HDMI cable it returned to normal .(When switching from the tv screen back to the laptop screen)

I think restarting and/or opening a different level might help.

Sorry I have no real solution, but if it keeps happening post it in the bug report section of the forum.
Or alternatively on the steam workshop, hopefully someone has an answer to this problem.

This is an issue with newer drivers I think, at least on nVidia cards.

I have a nVidia graphics card so that might explain it.
I'll try the editor on a different computer then.

Thanks for your help


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