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I would like to introduce my coop dungeon crawler I am developing in my spare time.

I mention everytime that Dungeons of the Fallen is inspired by Hammerwatch. I love coop games and always wanted to make mine too. It can never dream of outshining the master but I hope some of you can enjoy it too. Right now the game is working its way through Steam Greenlight and I would really appreciate some votes.

Let me know what you think!


Doesn't look bad, and I always like to see more co-op games.

Graphically, I'd work on making your assets blend better together, make the transitions less harsh all around. When something is placed in snow for example it should have a little frost running up it's base, and so on.

Thanks, good advice! Yes, the game is kinda graphically inconsistent and that's something I have to accept. I'm not a pixel artist but I'm trying my best.

I don't know if you have to accept it, seems like a serious project and I see that you have set a realistic 2018 release date, so there is plenty of time to add extra detail and polish I think. Alot of your pixel assets are very nice already.

It would be great if the co-op could be possibleonline, but I know that might be hard to do.

Apart from standard LAN coop will be possible through Hamachi or port forwarding but I need to do more optimization since the host is currently overloaded with four players playing.

There is still a lot to implement until the release date but I will definitely look closer into the graphics. Thanks :)


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