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Can crutches be modded?


Phasma Felis:
Hi! Dunno if anyone is still reading this, but.. A friend and I have been playing co-op, and we like playing with the "no extra lives" modifier, but it makes boss fights brutally hard, much more so than the regular levels. I'm thinking of countering that with crutches, but they all change the game dynamics more than I like, if that makes any sense. Is it possible to mod in other crutches? I was thinking something like doubling HP and healing, or increasing mana regen by 2x or 3x instead of 5x.

I haven't been able to find any general modding guides. Just wondering if it's even possible, and if so where to begin looking. Thanks!

I have benefited from your information a lot.

I want to find as much information about this as I can.


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