Author Topic: [GOG 1.3.2] Game crashes on startup  (Read 2004 times)


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[GOG 1.3.2] Game crashes on startup
« on: September 02, 2017, 07:44:12 PM »
(on the dxdiag it says DirectX 11, but that's complete bullshit. The farthest it can actually go is DirectX 9 w/ severe rendering issues.)
Another note: The drivers are NOT the ones that come from Windows Update. They were downloaded from Intel's Download Center.

Here are the things I have tried:
1. Installed latest video drivers. (OpenGL 1.4)
2. Installed .NET Framework 4.7
3. The OpenAL dll thing did not work because you guys changed the sound system to FMOD.
4. Messed w/ the config, adding custom lines.
5. Reinstalled the game TWICE. Redownloaded the installer from GOG once. (No, I did NOT install into Program Files.)

The strange thing is that I tried it with 2 other computers and they worked just fine. Those computers have OpenGL 2.0. Is the reason why my computer isn't running Hammerwatch because it only can use OpenGL 1.4 but requires 2.0? I read the PCGamingWiki page for Hammerwatch and it said OpenGL 1.4 is required for the minimum requirements, so I assume I got past the minimum requirements.

EDIT: I did some more researching, and apparently it's a shader compilation error. I saw multiple posts saying that putting OpenAL32.dll into the game folder works, but that doesn't work anymore because in 1.3.1 the OpenAL sound engine was replaced with FMOD. (as you can see in the list of things I tried)
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Re: [GOG 1.3.2] Game crashes on startup
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