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Controllers no longer move characters after update


Analog stick works in menus,
characters face direction of analog stick in game; however,
no forward movement excluding dash moves.

This issue seems to have affected several users,
as detailed on the Steam discussion forums:

Tried several methods to fix the issue with PS4 DS4 controller and Xbox One Wireless controller.
Played around with control settings too (changed hold button configuratons to other unused buttons, changed twin sticks / 8 direction switches)

If I spoof the controller as a 360 controller,
it works but the right stick takes over the mouse
and the A button becomes the enter key.

This makes the mouse perform hotkeyed corner functions when moving
and prevents frequent hits of the A key (for attacking) because it opens the text chat menu.

Since the game doesn't work with any known controllers,
I believe that it has been updated into an unplayable state.

Is there any acknowledgement of this bug?

Not sure if this is relevant, but the controllers in question,
PS4 controllers and Xbox One Wireless controllers,
will be receiving native OS support in the upcoming OS 10.15 update,
as formally discussed by Apple to developers here and
advertised here.

Happening to me, too. Windows 10 (Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763) with Hammerwatch 1.41 from

BUMP. This issue is affecting me on Windows 10 with a Core (Plus) Wired Controller. Really wanted to show this game to my friends locally but until this is fixed I won't be able to.


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