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This topic is very outdated, the project is still available via the steam workshop for those interested.


hey guys, here are a couple of screenshots of the latest version:

new introduction
custom pixel art

I have been fairly busy these past few months which has slowed down progress on the map significantly but things are finally starting to pick up again. i am still looking for a pixel artist to work on a a range of custom mobs  and someone to work on the music.

as a rough estimate I don't expect this map to be finished any time soon, probably a few months yet.
there is still a lot of work to be done and the scale of this map is a little bit ambitious.


pretty good so far. the world map at the start impressed me. can't wait for the next part.

Thank you for this map! This is awesome!!
Just keep makeing more maps and me and my friends will definetly keep playing !!

Thank you!

eagerly awaiting more :P

Review: This map had me genuinely stunned. The level design and plain creativity just had me speechless. I loved the idea, I like the story and the great wizard boss in the beginning. I think the old idea for Greyfall had the right idea and I truly anticipate the development of this map.

Rating: 5/5

Problem: As a ranger the wizard boss felt a little OP and took a little while to beat, but it was do-able. Just keep in mind class equality when you make the new version.


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